Best of IBS Outdoor Living Product: Aero-Therm Advance Coatings

Would you like an insulation product whose thermal reflecting coating redefines the entire concept of heat and energy conservation within your home?
By focusing on the available radiant energy to absorb and reflect heat back into the room, Aero-Therm Innovative Coatings quickly achieves a thermal balance that prevents heat loss and makes a more comfortable living climate—for less cost than traditional insulation.

It’s also the 2018 Best of IBS winner for Best Outdoor Living Product (tied with Aquor House Hydrant V2)!

A 1mm layer of Aero-Therm is all that’s required to save up to 35% of energy used to heat your home. The ultra-thin reflective coating creates warm walls, eliminates cold spots and reduces mold. No regular insulation method offers this performance at such low thickness.

Other ways Aero-Therm is “the cool way to warm walls”:

  • 26% or more faster than traditional insulation when warming to ambient room temperature
  • Reduced floor-to-ceiling temperature differences for more balanced temperature
  • Wall-to-wall warmth with fewer cold spots, allowing comfort with the thermostat set lower
  • Enables installation of a lower-powered heating system
  • Two-day installation process
  • Aero-Therm’s nanotechnology component, AeroGel, so successfully transfers heat in lightweight material, NASA uses it extensively in its space program

AeroTherm is a water-dilutable putty that can be applied to interior or exterior walls, ceilings or into the floor formation. It’s applied in a similar process to plastering, leaving a surface that’s smooth and ready to paint.

Want to see for yourself? Request a free sample tile.
Congratulations, Aero-Therm!

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