Best of IBS: Instant, Effortless Access to Outdoor Water with Aquor


Are you tired of the hassle and leaks involved with your traditional hose? Now you can stop wasting your time at the tap, and enjoy instant access to your water with the Aquor House Hydrant V2, a revolutionary faucet system that makes outdoor water use easy and enjoyable.

It’s also the 2018 Best of IBS winner for Best Outdoor Living Product (tied with Aero-Therm Innovative Coatings)! 

With its patented twist-lock design, Aquor automatically turns the water on as soon as the connector is inserted. You can connect garden hoses instantly, making quick tasks like watering plants or washing the dog effortless. Then unplug and go—the hydrant self-drains automatically. No more dripping faucets or wasteful leaks.

“The biggest improvement the House Hydrant offers homeowners is incredible convenience, followed by reliability,” says Kamil Slusarski, Aquor Water Systems CEO. “It allows you to instantly plug in your garden hose, without having to thread it on every time. It can be mounted at waist-level – no more bending over. And the best part is, it requires no maintenance for decades.” 

What sets the House Hydrant apart is its unique internal valve, which uses water pressure to seal a high-performance O-ring (instead of a traditional rubber washer and screw). This allows outlets to stay leak-free for many years longer than standard brass hose bibs.

Even better, no winterization is needed: for homeowners in cold areas, the hydrant provides seven times better freeze protection than brass, frost-free sillcocks.

The Hydrant’s marine-grade stainless steel endures zero wear—and contains zero lead. Bring your Aquor connector inside to easily prevent unsupervised water use or theft. And choose from multiple color options to match your home. No unsightly hose bibs protruding from your wall!

“We have some truly revolutionary products coming over the next couple years,” says Slusarski. “We are working closely with our builders, architects and plumbers on new product lines that will change the way people think about and use water around buildings and landscapes. Outdoor water fixtures shouldn’t be ugly or hard to use. We’re going to change that.”

Congratulations, Aquor Water Systems!

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