Meet the Speaker: Joel Cox

Joel Cox is the Director of Digital Strategy for MilesTDS—a digital strategy and brand management firm based in
Englewood, Colorado. Joel was one of four panelists sharing his insights in the
session “How to Best Design, Brand & Market to Attract the Millennial
Buyer” at IBS 2016.

Here are a few fun personal tidbits about Joel.

NAHB: Do you have a favorite blog you read regularly?
JOEL: Google’s
, because I am a huge dork and am
fascinated with Google’s ideas and innovations. Plus, being a digital
strategist, it’s good to stay on top of what products, strategies and
technology Google is planning next.

NAHB: What is your favorite vacation spot?
JOEL: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The combination of mountains, jungle and
beach is simply amazing, as is the culture and city itself.

NAHB: Since you live in the Denver area, what is one go-to
recommendation for out-of-town visitors? 

JOEL: The Mexican restaurant, Casa Bonita, of course! Ha! Just kidding!
Definitely Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre. It is an awesome escape from the
city, yet only 30 minutes away. It is routinely regarded as the world’s best
outdoor concert venue, but it is not just a great place for a concert, but also
to hike, picnic or even take in a movie.

And here’s what attendees are saying about Joel’s session:

  • “I really enjoyed the extensive knowledge of the panel and left with great takeaways.”
  • “It was interesting to hear approaches from different disciplines to
        solutions. The diversity of the panelists, along with their personal rapport, made for a rich presentation.”

Download and or stream Joel’s presentation today via IBS Education On Demand!

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