Meet the Speaker: Lisa Trosien


Lisa Trosien of Apartment
is one of IBS’s best-known authorities in the multifamily sector,
and her funny (and a bit sarcastic) speaking style always makes her sessions
well-attended events. We caught up with her a few weeks ago to ask a few

NAHB: What is
the one thing you are looking forward to the most while at IBS?

LISA: I always
love the trade show floor! There are always so many new and exciting things to
see there. 

NAHB: What is
your favorite vacation spot?

LISA: Anywhere
with my family. 

NAHB: You are
from Chicago. Do you have must-do items you recommend to out-of-town visitors?

LISA: There
are lots of places to see here, but for me, a visitor should never miss these
three things:

The Architectural Boat Tour, the Art Institute of Chicago
and a Chicago-style hot dog (Portillo’s is my favorite). 

NAHB: You’ve
been a speaker for a while now. Do you have an embarrassing speaking story
you’d care to share?

LISA: I once
did a 90-minute keynote with my pants unzipped. I don’t know if anyone ever
noticed, but when I discovered it later on, it was quite embarrassing (and quite
funny, too).  

NAHB: If you
were stranded on a deserted island, what are three items you’d want with you?

LISA: Books,
books and more books! 

NAHB: Finally,
in three words or less, what is your prediction for multifamily in 2016?

Apartment slowdown. 

Lisa will be presenting “From Empty-Nesters to Generation
Z: A Detailed Look at Today’s Diverse Mix of Renters” on Tuesday, January 19,

1:00 – 2:00 PM. You
can get all the session details here.

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