Meet the Speaker: Dennis O’Neil


Dennis O’Neil is the President of O’Neil Interactive, a website design
and digital marketing firm for the residential industries. With over a decade
of experience of using the internet to sell and market new homes, he has a
tremendous understanding of how shoppers interact with technology and how the
industry can use it to bring buyers and builders together. 

We recently caught up with Dennis to ask a few questions
and get his fun responses. 

NAHB: What are
you most looking forward to at IBS?

really enjoy “talking shop,” and marketing technology, the sales process and
home building are all among my favorite topics of conversation. I am also
looking forward to seeing old friends and making some new ones.

NAHB: Do you
have a favorite blog you read regularly?

long been a fan of Hugh MacLeod’s blog, GapingVoid.
He’s a cartoonist and a marketer who has an uncanny knack of converting my
thoughts into words before I do. He’s also written a few great books and even
illustrated one of mine, Sales Actualization: Outselling the Internet, which will be available at the
BuilderBooks booth at IBS. 

NAHB: What is
your favorite vacation spot?

yet to find a place with the energy of New York City, and I find excuses to
visit often. 

NAHB: Since
your office is near Baltimore, do you have a go-to recommendation for
out-of-town visitors?

always recommend that first-time visitors make the trip to Fort McHenry. It’s a
piece of history – now a national park – that provides architectural interest
and some amazing views of the Baltimore harbor. Plus, it’s the birthplace of
our national anthem.

NAHB: If you
were stranded on a deserted island, what are three items you’d want with you?

say, “A satellite phone and two charged batteries,” is that cheating?

NAHB: Finally,
in three words or less, what is your prediction for the building industry in

DENNIS: From a
marketer’s perspective: Accelerated. Sophisticated. Personal.

Dennis will be one of three speakers presenting the
advanced session, “Extreme Makeover Live: Internet Marketing Edition,” on Wednesday,
January 20. Get the complete details of his session here.

As part of your full-registration, after the Show you
will be able to tune into this and other sessions for free by accessing the IBS Education On
library. Over 120 sessions across 8 different building industry
topic tracks from 2016 IBS will be available on-demand by mid-February 2016.
Get all the details here.

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