NAHB honors IBS Ambassador John Bollan, Jr.


John Bollan, Jr., a long-time NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) attendee and third-generation residential homebuilding and remodeling contractor was honored last week and presented with a plaque for his numerous years of support and promotion of IBS. John attended his first IBS thirty-nine years ago and has been an outspoken advocate of benefits that IBS education and product exposure have brought to his business. It wasn’t until the early 1990s that John was officially named the HBA of Southeastern Michigan’s local convention ambassador. John served in the volunteer position for a number of years amongst nationwide HBA representatives and helped advocate IBS on the local level as well as assisted members with show-related issues and questions. Years later when the program was disbanded, John continued to serve his HBA and help his fellow members.

IBS 2014 saw the revival of the ambassador program and with it came a new title for the volunteer members – IBS ambassadors – and John proved to be a great resource, lending his more than two decades of experience to the new incoming group. “For many years, I was a committee of one,” chuckles John. “Of course, I worked with my local association staff members and the NAHB/IBS staff to get the information I needed to assist my local members.”

John’s outstanding commitment to IBS is evident in the many articles he writes for his local and the guide he sends out noting the dates, times and locations of all the important events and any local or state-sponsored receptions so that members can make the most of their time at IBS. After the show, he even writes articles to give members a recap of what took place at the show and includes lots of photos.

Why does he do it? “I really enjoy assisting the members,” says John. “I’ve found that there are some members who regularly attend IBS and rely on me to disseminate the information. Before they decide to go to the show, they’ll call me and ask, ‘What do you think?’ That’s when I know that what I am doing as an IBS ambassador is working.”

The support the IBS ambassadors provide to the show year after year is irreplaceable. Their hard work on the local level contributes to the success of the show and provides members with a local spokesperson and IBS resource.

Interested in becoming an IBS ambassador? IBS marketing can check with your Executive Officer to confirm your eligibility. Learn more and submit the IBS ambassador interest form.

Pictured from left to right:
Norm Finkelstein, 2015 President of the HBA of Southeastern Michigan
John Bollan, Jr., IBS Ambassador
Lynne Pratt, NAHB Convention & Meetings Committee Member and Past Chair
Michael Stoskopf, Executive Officer, HBA of Southeastern Michigan

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