Get the Most Out of IBS with the Official Mobile App

The official IBS app is the quickest and easiest way to find information and get around at IBS 2015.

Download it today from your smartphone or tablet at

To get the most out of it once you’ve downloaded the app, we’ve put together some tips!


Get set up.

  • You can do this within the app or start on your computer at
  • Log in with your confirmation ID and last name. If you log in to both, the app and the show planner will sync with each other!
  • Set your schedule by adding exhibitors that you want to visit and sessions you want to attend.
    • On the website show planner, add items by clicking the ‘add to planner’ button.  Look at the “My exhibitors” and “My calendar” to see what you’ve added.
    • On the app, add items to your agenda by tapping the button in the upper right hand corner that looks like three horizontal lines. You’ll see a menu come up that says ‘add to agenda’. Tap on ‘Agenda’ along the bottom to see your schedule. You can add exhibitors and events directly from the Agenda screen by tapping the plus sign in the upper right corner.
    • You can also add events and appointments that aren’t on the official list by entering personal appointments.

Search and select education and events.

  • You can find everything from education sessions to special events to NAHB committee meetings (under NAHB info), including information like location, description, speakers. They’re sub-divided by the major tracks (for education) as well as date, type, professional specialty and interest.
  • By pulling the screen down in the listings, you can search all education sessions, or you can click on a track and search within that track. If you go to the “Speakers” section you can also search by speaker.
  • When you go into an individual session, you can also make notes by tapping the pen icon, which is great for little things, reminders and names of people or products you want to look up. You can then save the notes, and/or email them to yourself when you’re done (if you have a device with email capability). You can even email the notes individually by session or all that you’ve taken.
  • You can tap the star to add the session or event to your favorites, but if you want to see it on your agenda calendar, make sure you tap the upper right-hand button and choose ‘add to agenda’.

Search and select exhibits.

  • Under the exhibitor icon they are listed by name, as well as by product category and other ways. Once you are in the listings, you can scroll through or pull the screen down and search. You can search by name or booth number.
  • And make sure to check out which booths have show specials and celebrity appearances!
  • In the listing, you’ll find contact information and the booth number, along with any materials the exhibitor has provided such as brochures. 
  • You can tap the star to set exhibitors as a favorite, and take notes by tapping the pen icon just like with the education and events. You can also send a message to the exhibitor, find a route, or add them to your agenda at a specific time and date by tapping the upper right-hand icon.


At IBS 2015.

  • Make sure you are logged into the app if you are also using the show planner so that your schedule will sync up and allow you to make changes while on the go. Hint: if you forget your confirmation number, just look on your badge; it’s printed next to the scanner code.
  • Any time you have a question, just pull out your mobile device and search, rather than thumbing through the paper guides. There’s information on: show hours, The New American Home, Design & Construction Week™, IBS Centrals, information for press and international attendees and much more. You can also receive real-time alerts about big happenings such as giveaways. Make sure to set your notification preferences so you don’t miss out!
  • Need help finding your way around the floor?
  • When you go to the exhibit floor map, exhibitors you have added as favorites will be a darker gray. Blue indicates an IBS featured exhibitor.
  • You can zoom in to read the names of exhibitors and booth numbers – they’ll come up when they fit depending on the size of the space and the length of the name. The best way to look at it is to turn it to landscape view, and use gestures to zoom in and out.
  • Use the wayfinding features to map out a path to find the exhibitors you want to see. You can also see which exhibitors are close to you. (Location services must be enabled to use these features). Just go to the Maps icon at the bottom or tap the upper right-hand button from an exhibitor listing.
  • After you’ve visited an exhibitor in your favorites, you can mark them ‘visited’ by tapping the flag icon above the exhibitor name. In your favorites you can see a list of ones you have and have not visited yet, so you don’t miss a thing.

And be social! 

  • Invite friends and colleagues to download the app through email or social media by tapping the button on the upper right of the home screen.
  • The IBS Twitter feed is available on the app under Social Network, and it includes any and all tweets with the #ibsvegas. See what clients, vendors and other attendees are saying in real time, without even having your own account!
  • You can also check out the IBS Instagram feed and our other social media sites. 

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