5 Must-Visit Spots to Uncover the NAHB Membership Value @IBS 2024


Are you attending the 2024 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) but aren’t a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Member yet? Whether you’re an industry veteran or novice, there are numerous opportunities for you to explore and understand the value of NAHB Membership while you’re at the Builders’ Show.  

Here are five places to check out while you’re attending IBS. 


Dive into the heart of NAHB at their headquarters NAHB HQ. Get an inside look into the core values, mission and benefits of NAHB Membership. Engage with knowledgeable staff and members who can guide you through the myriad of resources and support available to members. From advocacy efforts to educational programs, this is your chance to discover how NAHB empowers builders and remodelers nationwide. 

#2 NAHB Professional Women in Building (PWB) HQ 

Step into a space dedicated to celebrating and empowering women in the home building industry. The PWB Headquarters at IBS is a hub of inspiration and networking opportunities. Learn about the diverse initiatives and resources PWB offers to support women professionals at every stage of their careers. Discover how PWB fosters inclusivity and growth within the industry, from mentorship programs to leadership development. Limited sponsorship opportunities for PWB remain.

#3 NAHB Building Systems Councils (BSC) 

Are you interested in innovative construction methods and technologies? Make sure to visit the BSC Lounge, where experts in modular, panelized and other building systems gather to share insights and best practices. Explore the advantages of adopting advanced building systems, including efficiency gains, cost savings and sustainability benefits. Engage with industry leaders and discover how involvement in the NAHB BSC can enhance your expertise and market competitiveness.  

#4 NAHB 20 Clubs 

Join the exclusive community of builders and remodelers of the NAHB 20 Clubs. These peer-to-peer networking groups provide a supportive environment for sharing experiences, challenges and strategies for success. At the 20 Clubs Lounge, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, exchange ideas and gain valuable insights to elevate your business. Learn how participation in the 20 Clubs can provide accountability, perspective and invaluable growth opportunities. 

#5 NAHB Member Savings Campfire 

Who doesn’t love saving money? Gather around the Member Savings Campfire to discover how NAHB Membership can help you cut costs and increase profitability. Learn about exclusive discounts, rebates and incentives available to members through the Member Savings Program. From building materials to business services, uncover opportunities to maximize your bottom line while enjoying membership benefits. 

As you navigate the bustling halls of IBS 2024, prioritize these five destinations for a deeper understanding of the value of NAHB Membership. Whether you’re seeking industry insights, professional development opportunities or cost-saving solutions, NAHB has something for builders, remodelers and industry enthusiasts alike. Explore and engage with the vibrant community that powers the home building industry forward while you have the chance.  

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