Meet Our IBS Education Speaker: Tami Faulkner

IBS Speaker Tami Faulkner

IBS Education is a popular focal point each year at the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS). The 2024 IBS Education sessions happening Feb 27 – 29 at our Vegas show will not disappoint. If you haven’t already, register for an Expo+Education Pass to experience IBS and IBS Education.

IBS Education Sessions are your chance to learn from the top industry experts and experts in their field at IBS 2024: All Homes Start Here.

Meet One of the Expert Speakers at IBS in Vegas: Tami Faulkner

Tami Faulkner is the founder of Tami Faulkner Design. As the designer of hundreds of custom floor plans in various sizes and architectural styles, Tami has built a reputation for offering an artistic yet thorough and intentional approach to floor plan design with a keen ability to define space that would otherwise go unused, underutilized, or underdeveloped.

In 2021, Tami launched a stand-alone virtual floor plan review service. Since that time, she has reviewed hundreds of floor plans for clients in the US, Canada and internationally, where she identifies spatial challenges through a redlining process and then provides overlay sketches showing potential solutions.

Tami knows her way around the design of floor plans and is speaking at an IBS Education Building Knowledge Session, 10 Common Floor Plan Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them and Learning Lab, 4/12 Pitch: Small But Mighty – Embracing Your Home’s Smaller Spaces.

Get to Know Tami

We caught up with Tami to get a sneak peek into her session at the Builders’ Show and get to know her better.

What information or actionable takeaways can attendees expect to walk away with from your session?

10 Common Floor Plan Mistakes & How to Fix Them provides valuable insights into prevalent errors in floor plan designs. Learn to identify and resolve critical issues through practical examples and expert guidance. Discover practical strategies to increase functionality, optimize space and create visually appealing floor plans that promote comfort, livability and productivity. By addressing these ten mistakes, gain the skills and knowledge necessary to develop well-designed floor plans, ultimately increasing client satisfaction.

4/12 Pitch: Small But Mighty – Embracing Your Home’s Smaller Spaces is a fast-paced discussion about transforming overlooked areas within homes into functional and aesthetically appealing work areas for kids and adults alike by maximizing the potential of underutilized spaces.

Learn to identify underutilized spaces. Recognize areas in homes that are often overlooked but have the potential to transform into functional workspaces. Discover how to maximize the potential of underutilized spaces by understanding strategies to ensure the areas serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

What are you most looking forward to at IBS?

I am thrilled to speak at the Builders’ Show and engage with professionals from around the world. What excites me most about tent is the opportunity to learn from esteemed colleagues, drawing inspiration from their innovative approaches to floor plan design. Additionally, I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and forging new connections within the industry.

The show promises to be a hub of creativity and knowledge exchange, allowing me to see firsthand the latest trends, technologies and breakthroughs shaping our dynamic field’s future. It’s a chance to immerse myself in the pulse of the industry, gaining insights that will undoubtedly enrich my approach to designing bespoke and thoughtfully designed living spaces.

What advice would you give someone attending the Builders’ Show for the first time?

Maximize your experience by planning ahead. Before arriving, take the time to map out the specific exhibits, classes and presentations you’re interested in exploring. This strategic approach ensures you maximize your time and take advantage of valuable opportunities.

Comfort is key, so wear comfortable walking shoes to navigate the expansive venue easily. Arriving early to events not only guarantees you a good seat but also allows for valuable networking opportunities. Be proactive, engage with exhibitors and take advantage of the knowledge the show offers. This way, you’ll leave inspired and well-informed about the latest trends and advancements in floor plan design.

Where is the best place to be at IBS? Why?

As a presenter at IBS, I may be a bit biased, but drawing from my past experiences at the show, I find the classrooms and vendor displays to be the standout areas. My focus is always on gaining practical and immediately applicable knowledge that I can bring back home and implement on Monday morning.

The education offers a wealth of insights and expertise, providing actionable takeaways for professionals in the field. Additionally, exploring vendor displays and presentations is crucial for staying updated on the latest products and innovations, ensuring a well-rounded understanding of the industry’s advancements. A dynamic combination of learning and networking makes these areas my top recommendations for attendees.

What is the most interesting 2024 industry trend?

As a custom floor plan designer attending the Builders’ Show, the most interesting 2024 industry trend is the increasing integration of sustainable and smart-home technologies. Homeowners are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact, and there’s a growing demand for energy-efficient and eco-friendly designs.

Additionally, incorporating smart-home features, from advanced security systems to integrated automation, reshapes how we conceptualize and design living spaces. The fusion of sustainability and technology aligns with contemporary lifestyle needs and challenges designers to create innovative, future-ready floor plans that cater to a more environmentally aware and technologically connected clientele.

The industry has changed so much in the last five years. What changes do you think we’ll see in the next five years?

I anticipate several significant changes in the industry over the next five years. One notable trend is the continued integration of advanced technologies into the design process, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI has the potential to revolutionize how we approach floor plan creation, offering tools for rapid prototyping, trend analysis and even personalized design suggestions based on user preferences.

However, this introduces challenges related to data privacy, the need for upskilling within the industry to harness AI tools effectively and the balance between automation and the human touch in design. Striking for the right equilibrium will be crucial to harnessing the full potential of AI while preserving the artistry and personalization inherent in custom floor plan design.

What do you think is the biggest challenge in the industry right now?

The most pressing challenge in the industry currently is the delicate balance between innovation and tradition. The demand for sustainable, technologically advanced and smart-home solutions is growing, pushing the boundaries of design possibilities. However, this rapid evolution also poses challenges, especially for smaller design firms or individual designers, in terms of keeping up with the latest technologies trends and incorporating them seamlessly into their custom designs.

There’s a need for continuous learning, adaptation and finding ways to marry cutting-edge solutions with the timeless essence of home design, ensuring that innovation enhances rather than eclipses the core principles of thoughtful and personalized floor plans.

Tami’s Building Knowledge Session, 10 Common Floor Plan Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them, is Feb 29, 8:30 – 9:30 AM and the Learning Lab, 4/12 Pitch: Small But Mighty – Embracing Your Home’s Smaller Spaces, is Feb 29, 10:15 – 11:15 AM.

Register for the Builders’ Show Expo+Education Pass to attend Tami’s sessions.

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