The Future of Design Trends: Looking Ahead at IBS 2024

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As we edge closer to the 2024 International Builders’ Show® (IBS), architecture and interior design continues to evolve. We’re expecting the release of groundbreaking design trends and inspiration at IBS in Vegas, Feb 27 – 29. We’re talking color palettes, materials and styles that will inevitably shape the aesthetics of tomorrow’s residential construction projects.

Color Palettes: Earth Meets Tech

Color palettes for 2024 are expected to fuse natural and technological influences.

Digital Pastels

A nod to our digital age, soft pastels such as muted blues, milky pinks and gentle lavenders make their presence known. These colors capture the ethereal glow of our screens, bringing a techno-romantic feel to interior spaces.

Earthy & Organic

Warm terracotta, mossy greens and subdued browns reign supreme, reminiscent of natural landscapes and the ever-growing urge for sustainability.

Materials: Sustainable & Synthesized

The dual emphasis on both earth-conscious practices and advancements in technology has given rise to some incredible materials.

Repurposed Woods

Reclaimed wood continues to trend, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices. These materials often come with a history, a previous life that adds character to new spaces.

Bio-based Synthetics

The rise of bioplastics and other organic-based synthetic materials are expected to illustrate the industry’s focus on sustainable alternatives. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also offer diverse textures and finishes that are hard to achieve with traditional materials.

Transparent Metals

Materials like transparent aluminum offer the durability of metal with the aesthetics of glass, creating a dynamic merger of strength and elegance.

Styles: Minimalism Evolves

The design styles for 2024 are expected to demonstrate the evolving nature of minimalism and the integration of various cultural influences.


Moving beyond the stark white and neutral tones of traditional minimalism, neo-minimalism introduces subtle textures, muted color pops and organic forms to keep spaces warm and inviting.

Global Fusion

The merger of design aesthetics from around the world, from Japanese Wabi-sabi to Scandinavian hygge, creates a rich tapestry of design. It’s a globalized world and our interiors are becoming a reflection of that.

Biophilic Designs

With the growing emphasis on wellness and mental health, designs that connect inhabitants to nature have become paramount. This includes integrating natural light, plant life and natural materials into interior spaces.

Education & Future Trends

The 2024 IBS Education Sessions will shed light on upcoming trends and the future trajectory of design. The emphasis is on sustainability, technological integration in design (smart homes) and creating spaces that prioritize mental well-being.

Some of the topic sessions at the 2024 Builders’ Show are covering:

  • 60 Design Ideas in 60 Minutes
  • Architectural & Interior Design Trends
  • 20 Elevation Style Trends

For designers and architects, the key takeaway is clear: the future of design is one where nature, technology and human well-being intersect. Spaces will not only be about aesthetics but also about creating environments that nourish the soul and the planet.

Register for an Expo+Education Pass to the 2024 NAHB International Builders’ Show to see design trends and draw inspiration from the event floor and the IBS Education Sessions.


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