Unleashing the Potential with NAHB Marketing & Business Development Interns

NAHB summer interns Miranda and Paige

Summer internships are an invaluable opportunity for students and young professionals to gain practical experience, develop essential skills and explore their career interests. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the leading voice for the residential construction industry, offers dynamic internships in marketing and business development that provide a unique window into the world of the residential construction industry.

Meet the Marketing & Business Development summer interns.

NAHB summer intern Paige Andrus

Paige Andrus is in her second week as a summer intern, joining NAHB from the University of Maryland as a rising senior. She drives into the Housing Center each day from College Park, MD.

“I’ve always wanted to do work that impacts people’s lives. NAHB’s goal is to enrich member experiences so that they can change the lives of their communities. Housing makes a difference, and so does NAHB!”

Paige’s Role at NAHB

Paige is working with Sharon Salang and Amanda Scharff from our Member Savings Program to identify growth areas for the program and to interact with local and state home builders associations to ensure they’re communicating the correct information about program partners with their members.

A Day in the Life of an NAHB Intern

For Paige, every day has looked different, especially since joining the team during the Spring Leadership Meeting. She starts the day checking emails to see if Sharon or Amanda forwarded anything. Then, she meets with Sharon to discuss the meetings and projects for the day.

During meetings, she takes notes and writes down any questions she has. Paige then sits with Sharon and Amanda to talk through what happened during the meeting, gets answers to her questions and shares how we can apply what was learned to the Member Savings Program.

Types of Projects

Paige’s main project is compiling advertisements from program partners and answering any questions members have about the Member Savings Program.

NAHB summer intern Miranda Gentin

Miranda Gentin is in her second week as a summer intern, joining NAHB from Emory University as a rising sophomore. She lives in Cleveland Park (a neighborhood in Washington, DC). Some days she commutes by car with her dad. Other days she rides the metro.

“I’ve always been interested in housing, real estate and interior design. Now, I want to major in Business and Economics. I felt this internship would help me learn more about Business while diving into my interests.”

Miranda’s Role at NAHB

Miranda works primarily with Brian Rosenthal from Sponsorships & Structure Productions to gather data and information.

A Day in the Life of an NAHB Intern

In the morning, Miranda meets with Brian to discuss a good project for her to focus on for the day. Throughout the day, while she works on the project, Brian may adjust the project or assignment to ensure it’s the best approach. Some days include meetings to hear department updates, which are fun to sit through.

Types of Projects

Miranda’s main project is compiling data and information about potential companies who could make use of NAHB’s film studio. She also works on collecting information on the women in decision-making roles that attend the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS).

An NAHB summer internship offers an immersive and transformative experience for aspiring marketing and business development professionals. NAHB provides an ideal platform to learn, grow and make valuable connections within the residential construction industry.
Welcome Paige and Miranda! We’re excited to see you unleash your potential and embark on a rewarding journey towards a successful career.

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