Most Innovative Start-Ups Came Together at IBS2023

Start-Up Zone at IBS 2023

Twenty companies with 20 innovative solutions came together in the Start-Up Zone at the 2023 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in Vegas Jan 31 – Feb 2.

While 45 companies applied to be in the Start-Up Zone, we chose the 20 most innovative companies expected to be the most transformative in the industry. If you didn’t get a chance to see the companies and their products and services, there’s still time to check out what they do and what they have to offer the industry.

  • ARX City: Automatically underwrites millions of properties in advance – allowing professionals to cut through the noise and focus on the properties that have significant investment & development potential.
  • Authenticus Inc.: An immersive visualization service using 2D/3D/VR/AR/MR to see and experience projects before they are built.
  • Public Prefab: Prefab components serve low-rise new construction for dramatic energy savings and radically reduced carbon footprint. Off-site closed-wall floor, roof, and wall SKUs are for Twenty new companies with 20 innovative industry solutions. primary structural thermal envelopes. Wood frame system offers architects, builders, and developers to specify best-in-class building science and high performance.
  • BotBuilt: Robotic construction system using AI and computer vision for perfect precision that lowers costs, creates safer job sites and enables a more sustainable construction environment.
  • Caregiver Smart Solutions: Check on loved ones remotely with sensors in the home to track movement and patterns to provide family members with some reassurance that things are as they should be, without the use of invasive video cameras or wearable tracking devices while providing reliable fall detection.
  • Constructo: Preconstruction SaaS platform for builders and design professionals, combining powerful project management software with access to on-demand design, engineering and permitting services.
  • FLX Solutions: FLX Solutions is pioneering functional robotics applications for the construction and building inspection/maintenance industries with highly intelligent robots that are miniaturized to operate in spaces humans cannot easily access. The first product, the FLX BOT, is a patented 1” diameter snake-like robot that can fit into these spaces to inspect, map, and perform any required maintenance.
  • HomeKey Systems: HomeKey is simplifying home ownership for builders and their homeowners. The HomeKey app reduces customer service loads for builders, makes 280+ details about the home easily accessible for the homeowners, and creates a home-specific maintenance plan, with parts and care products integrated from Amazon.
  • SupHub (formerly Multipliciti): A B2B marketplace that empowers builders to purchase building products directly from global manufacturers and increase profit margin by offering factory pricing, short lead time and managed delivery.
  • Plantd: Plantd Materials was named the Most Innovative Start-Up at the Builders’ Show for their Carbon-negative, structural wall and roof sheathing.
  • PREFLEX: High-performance building system manufacturer.
  • Protiv: A hybrid compensation model, combining the legal structures of hourly pay, with the benefits of piecework.
  • Smart Power Partners: Modular light switches and outlets.
  • StageGlass: Creating an online home-buyer experience that helps improve buyer engagement and lead conversions with next-generation video game technology, our web-based Digital Homes allow buyers to easily interact and play with a digital version of the soon-to-be-built home. With high-quality performance across mobile, web, and other buyer channels, our digital home.
  • Terran Robotics: A tech company developing AI-driven robotics to 3D print homes using natural materials.
  • TestFit: Real Estate Feasibility software with real-time insights into design, constructability, and cost for developers, architects, and general contractors.
  • ThreadKore: Mobile app (and desktop) to manage everything from land acquisition and development through vertical construction, including job costing, budgeting, scheduling, CRM, website management and all back office functions for finance and accounting.
  • ToolBelt: The first platform that connects skilled labor (subs/installers) with contractors and builders. Tens of thousands of professionals utilize the platform monthly to solve labor pains and expand businesses.
  • Trade Specifix: Web and mobile application that offers trade and contractors the means to manage their team on worksites. Help solve worker scarcity via collaboration and offer digital project management services such as take-off, shop drawings, engineering and project management.
  • Virtual Review Assist: Cloud-Based AI-Driven Code Compliance Review Software for building, zoning, infrastructure and inspections.

Attendees also joined 12 companies from the IBS Start-Up Zone to discover some of the most cutting-edge products, services and technologies featured on the IBS exhibit floor this year. They explored software, robotics, building products and more in a fast-paced Learning Lab: 4 ½ Pitch: Start-up Kick-Start. Expo+Education and 1-Day Education Pass holders (for Tuesday, Jan 31 IBS Education Sessions) can watch the recorded sessions online until Jun 30.

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