Experience “Remodelers REBOOT: From the Couch”, A One-Day Virtual Event…

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May is Remodeling Month. Register for NAHB’s dynamic virtual event “Remodelers REBOOT: From the Couch,” hosted by industry veteran Vince Butler, CAPS, GMB, GMR, will take place on Wednesday, May 13, from 9:30 AM-5:00 PM ET. This virtual gathering is free for NAHB members.

The event will kick off with substantive conversations about the current uncertain business environment, followed by a series of speaker-led sessions:

  • Why the Perfect Remodeling Estimate Isn’t About the Numbers – Tim Faller, senior consultant with Remodelers Advantage, will walk you through a process for an actual effective, profitable remodeling estimate, along with adjustments you must consider as the industry reacts to COVID-19.
  • Well That Budget Won’t Work Now! Budgeting, Markup & Margin During & After COVID-19 – Bob D. Peterson, CAPS, CGP, CGR, GMR, president and founder of Associates in Building & Design, will share best practices for retooling your operating budget when the previous one becomes unrealistic, ways to manage and survive a recession, and strategies for pricing your remodeling projects for success.
  • Critical Hires: How Successful Remodelers Fill Key Positions – In this presentation, Doug Howard, director of consulting at Remodelers Advantage, will share strategies for determining staffing needs, setting hiring priorities and positioning your company as an “employer of choice.”
  • Remodelers’ Common Contract Pitfalls: How to Cover Your Assets – Do you have the proper contract protections to stay out of the courtroom? What additions should you make while bidding and building jobs during the pandemic? In this presentation, Dan Bawden, CAPS, CGP, CGR, GMB, CEO of Legal Eagle Contractors, shares best practices for protecting yourself and your business.

Sessions can be viewed at your own convenience. This virtual event provides NAHB members an opportunity to connect with colleagues and discuss new ideas and solutions. Make sure to join “Beers and Banter,” an informal networking session, at the conclusion of the event.

This one-day online event is sponsored by Service Roundtable. NAHB members can register now for free and NAHB non-members can register to participate for a nominal fee.

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