A Look Back at This Year’s High Performance Building Zone

2019 High Performance Building Zone

The High Performance Building Zone (HPBZ) is where IBS 2019 attendees discovered the best practices needed for improving efficiency in all areas of the home.

Attendees are constantly telling us that they are looking for ways to build a more efficient, more cost-effective home, and at the HPBZ, they get those answers—and so much more.

The Demonstration Stage featured up-close, hands-on construction demos designed to show attendees the latest and greatest in high performance building. The knowledgeable and entertaining Matt Whitbeck, Kevin Ireton and Gord Cooke guided attendees through real-world examples of how building science and high performance products are transforming the housing industry.

Each day, the stage featured a variety of 30-minute demonstrations—showing attendees how to build various components using the latest methods. Topics covered included advanced framing, door and window flashing, solar options, smart home technology and more.

One of the demos during the first day at HPBZ featured wall framing. Kevin and Matt took the stage with the goal of showing how to minimize thermal bridging—leaving plenty of room for insulation—while still creating a strong frame that stands up to the extreme weather elements. They also compared a standard framed wall with an advanced one to highlight that the advanced methods were more energy efficient and used 20 percent less material.

During another well-attended demonstration, “Beyond the Smart Home Technology Hype: How Interconnectivity Really Can Improve Performance,” Matt and Kevin showed how quick and easy it is to install a smart window covering, while Jim Carroll of Connected Home Advisory, LLC discussed the brand-new world of smart home technology—where it’s heading and which technologies are most likely to actually improve a home’s performance.

Another unique feature of the HPBZ was the Building Performance Lab. This small, finished model home provided an up-close look at high performance wall systems, floors, HVAC, insulation and more—all discussed on the demo stage—to show how these techniques translate into a real build. Throughout the three days of the show, the Lab was available for attendees to walk through. Blower tests as well as air and water inspections (using thermal imaging devices) were also performed.

Time and again, industry professionals tell us they can’t get enough quality hands-on training. The HPBZ is the right format to make that training a valuable experience. Mark your calendar for next year’s International Builders’ Show®—January 21-23, 2020 in Las Vegas!

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