Best of IBS 2019: Most Innovative Building Material Product

Best of IBS Awards

GF200 Combi-Furnace by NTI, Inc.

Combi FurnaceThe GF200 is a crossbreed of a tankless water heater and a forced air heating system, offering one of the most efficient combi-furnaces available on the market today. The GF200 boasts Green Furnace Technology—a proprietary and exclusive software system that delivers optimum comfort and maximum efficiency by minimizing the cycling with 10 stages of modulation to provide a smooth heat output no matter what the condition.

Key features of the GF200 Combi-Furnace include:

  • Easy Installation: This system is advanced—with only one electrical, gas and vent connection, both left and right water and gas connections and four different access points for the return air.
  • Smart Efficiency: The innovative Green Furnace® Technology delivers energy efficiency and energy savings (97% AFUE/EF). There are low NOx emissions, and the enclosed air flow path reduces loss.
  • Superior Quality: The internal recirculation and buffer tank provides quick delivery, and the stainless steel heat exchangers are built for maximum durability and performance.

Here’s what our judges had to say about the GF200 Combi-Furnace by NTI, Inc.:

“What’s not to like about the Combi-Furnace? It’s a combination hydronic air handler, tankless water heater and forced air furnace offering space savings, energy efficiency and ease of installation.”

“This is a game changer for all types of housing, especially for the increasingly stringent energy codes. Simple, easy to hook up, builder friendly and adaptable to future remodeling of the home.”

“As it is not the best for a larger family home, it does seem like an extremely innovative idea that could take the apartment, townhome, small home and condo world by storm. The smaller footprint allows for more room in the design phases and added usable square footage to the clients. The other big plus is one gas line and one function to heat your home and water therefore being more efficient. Great product and ready to see it be the new norm in the industry.”

Congratulations to GF200 Combi-Furnace by NTI, Inc. for winning the Most Innovative Building Product in the Best of IBS 2019 Awards. Meet the finalists in the Most Innovative Building Product category:

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