Intern Chronicles: New Markets with New Knowledge

Mason Bray

This is part 3 of a 3-part series featuring Mason Bray, a rising senior from the University of Tampa. Mason worked with the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) International Builders Show® marketing team during NAHBs’ 9 week internship program.

It doesn’t really seem like time is up, but my nine weeks as an NAHB marketing intern has steadily come to a close. As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun” and boy did the time go by faster than I thought. While it’s unfortunate that my time here has ended, I nonetheless learned a whole lot about myself and the professional world of marketing that I cannot wait to expand upon in regards to my future learning experiences and career goals. Broadly, the experiences and memories I made while working with NAHB are stepping stones that will propel me into my future.

This internship opportunity has really taught me a lot about the world of marketing and engagement from a professional perspective. I’ve always known that companies, and not just ‘average Joes,’ use social media for updates, branding and community engagement, but I’ve never known how such companies actually do it… until now. From compiling archive data, researching new trends, and creating social media posts on multiple platforms to sitting in on department meetings and outside-agencies pitching content, I’ve learned how major organizations effectively plan a timetable, structure projects, prioritize projects, research and develop ideas and ultimately execute plans with action.

I have also adapted and picked up on the fast paced, never mundane, life of marketing and how necessary it is to take time each step of the way. The days are never average and so nothing good happens overnight. Instead, it’s a process that requires teamwork and feedback. The process begins with multiple takes, constructive criticism, and collaborations that build upon progress and eventually finish with momentum and high energy. Roughly, the world of marketing and engagement is like a revolving door, unlike a standard-hinged door, because it keeps moving with energy and effort from multiple individuals working towards a greater goal, together.

Moving forward, I know that I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned here in countless other areas of my life. For instance, I’ve learned new ways of thinking that will help me problem solve and come up with creative and interactive solutions, how to establish a routine and formation of good habits, and ultimately what works for me and why. I now know that a career in regards to marketing and engagement suits me and is something I will enjoy doing throughout the rest of my life.

Overall, my time at NAHB has been great. From my first day at orientation to my last day taking the elevator down to the lobby, I have made great memories. The most memorable experiences however come from the friendships I’ve made with the other interns. The jokes at lunch time, casual drinks at happy hour, and even the occasional out of office hang outs have left me with remarkable experiences that I know I’ll expand upon later in life. However the best learning experiences came from the office.

I am super appreciative for everyone in the workplace who has either helped me or taught me something in some way. Everyone in the office, especially the marketing department, is super hands-on, driven, and easy to talk to. It all started with my team, and I can’t thank them enough! Sanetra, Jen, Damaris, Melissa, and Denise are all great mentors who welcomed me with open arms and warm hearts. I’m very glad I was able to learn a whole lot from them in what seems like such a quick time. I will most definitely remember the time, skills and memories I made while at 1201 15th St NW.

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