Intern Chronicles: More Marketing for Mason

Mason Bray

This is part 2 of a 3-part series featuring Mason Bray, a rising senior from the University of Tampa. Mason will be working with the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) International Builders Show® marketing team during NAHBs’ 9 week internship program.

After what only seems like a couple days, I’m already entering my fifth week with NAHB….where has the time gone? But with all the time, I’ve become more adjusted with my routine and the overall pace of the day. I see familiar faces on my morning commute into the office and have enjoyable conversation with others, whether it be in the elevator or in the office kitchen where I prepare my morning cup of coffee. I have started to embrace a hot hazelnut flavor, with two creams and two sugars…nice.

Once I get back to my desk and give a smile to Samantha, my next door office companion, I check my email and start making the action plan for the day. For me, making an action plan or outline of the tasks I set out to finish that day is super helpful because there are always things to do and obstacles to be overcome. The process of managing multiple, ongoing projects has really taught me more about prioritizing projects, managing time and ultimately meeting deadlines. It’s also very cool that I can work at my own speed and use my own personal judgment, while still collaborating with an overall team. Marketing is definitely faced paced, but nonetheless manageable with the right skill sets, which I have steadily been acquiring as a summer intern.

After working on several projects, I’ve started to realize that the world of marketing never has an average day… which is something I really appreciate. There is something new every time I step into the workplace so the day is never set in stone. As of recently, I compiled content from old photo archives and online databases, drafted social media posts for a variety of platforms, brainstormed experiential marketing techniques, maintained relationships with NAHB members, researched the new age of company community networks, sat in on some meetings with outside agencies pitching new branding ideas and even had a New York Style pizza lunch with Jerry Howard, NAHB’s CEO, and the other nine interns. I’m quickly understanding the process of how things get done in a professional environment. From constructive criticism to collaborations, it takes a team effort and multiple contributions.

Aside from the more formal experience, another plus has been getting to better know my fellow interns. After the first couple weeks of light conversation and chit chat, we created an intern Group Me so that we can all stay connected. The chat is filled with some jokes, work related questions and updates such as, “Lobby at 12” or “Where we lunchin’ today?” We’ve also hung out a couple times outside of the office which is pretty cool because it shows how workplace relations can lead to more personal, friendly, types of connections that will carry on  after the internship program ends.

Overall, I have been learning a lot. From small tasks to larger projects, I have been able to apply myself and take away insightful information that I know will help me in all my current and future endeavors. Not that I didn’t before, but now I most definitely feel comfortable with my routine, workload, department and overall atmosphere at NAHB. It’s going great!

Don’t miss the conclusion of Mason’s marketing journey with part 3 of this 3-part series, releasing in early-August.

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