Education Profile: Be More Influential in Your Customers’ Kitchen Selection Process

The 2014 NAHB International Builders’ Show® is once again enhancing its education programs to meet the needs of our attendees! We’ll be profiling some of the new and unique sessions with topics and speakers that will give you the insight to tackle today’s issues. IBS has the knowledge you need – now more than ever!


When it comes to building a home, the kitchen selection process can be stressful for both you and your customer. There are hundreds of products to choose from, and even the most upbeat customers can quickly turn irritated and overwhelmed from the numerous decisions that are required.

What if there was a way builders could better influence this process and make it a fun and exciting experience?

This is precisely what Lita Dirks of Lita Dirks & Co. and Mike Hetherman of Willis plan to reveal in their upcoming session, “Love Living in Your Kitchen” at the Builders’ Show.

Mike is a kitchen designer who understands selections and even more importantly, recognizes how people relate to materials. Lita is a merchandiser who helps builders determine what products, styles, colors and trends should be incorporated into their model homes – those that sway the selection process.

Both Mike and Lita have found that when a builder displays these choices in a particular fashion, it makes the buyer more comfortable with the selection process – and grow more confident with every choice – making the entire process easier and more enjoyable. During their session, they will provide several helpful tips that builders can use to influence the kitchen selection process and turn it from a stressful process into a productive and fun experience that their customers will be raving about for years to come.

The Emotional Effect of a Kitchen

At one time, the kitchen served only one purpose – the place where you prepared meals. But today’s kitchens are multi-functional. In addition to packing school lunches and cooking evening meals, kitchens are the home’s hub of activity and are the center of our daily lives. “Kitchens have a real emotional impact on a family – and all of those feelings come out when making selections – which usually overwhelms the customer,” says Lita.

She continues, “The kitchen is where families make decisions, hold meaningful conversations – from talking through issues to discussing life-long dreams. And builders can turn choosing selections from a stressful experience to one of excitement by integrating the right materials and products into their model kitchens.”

“We can help the builder guide the buyer through a more comfortable kitchen selection experience,” explains Lita. “This session will provide builders ways in which they make a greater impact to how they are presenting the dozens of choices in their model homes. This, in turn, will make the selection process easier and more enjoyable for everyone.”


Lita Dirks and Mike Hetherman will be presenting, Love Living in Your Kitchen at the Builders’ Show on February 5. For more information on this session and the 100+ other educational sessions being offered, visit

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