TWO Ways to Gain More Exposure for Your Hot New Product @IBS

Building professionals discuss new products at IBS

Once you book your event booth for the Builders’ Show, consider other ways to gain exposure for your hot new product. Here are TWO opportunities to reach more event attendees at the 2024 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS).

#1 New Product Zone

100s of products make their debut each year at the Builders’ Show. Debut your hot NEW product in the New Product Zone. The New Product Zone is where attendees discover new cutting-edge products for the building industry.

Why Should You Apply for the New Product Zone?

The New Product Zone is the best launch platform for hot new products for a fraction of the cost at the Builders’ Show. Applying for the New Product Zone offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase innovative products in a forum dedicated to celebrating and promoting advancements in the industry. Industry leaders, enthusiasts, decision-makers and potential clients looking for cutting-edge solutions frequent this zone.

Being part of the New Product Zone positions your product in the spotlight and signifies that it is at the forefront of current market trends. It’s an endorsement of quality, novelty and potential market impact. Participating in this zone often leads to media attention, collaborative opportunities and potential partnerships.

How to Apply

Have an incredible product or service? A select number products and services can participate in the New Product Zone, so DON’T WAIT to apply. The application to apply for the New Product Zone is OPEN! Participating in the New Product Zone is your chance to get in front of 67,000+ IBS Attendees at a fraction of the cost.

Learn more & apply to the New Product Zone

Best of IBS™ Awards: Prestigious Awards for Premier Products

The Builders’ Show recognizes outstanding building products and services from event exhibitors with the Best of IBS Awards, celebrating its 10th year, in 9 categories. One product or service is named Best in Show.

  • Best Business Solution Software
  • Best Energy Efficient Product
  • Best Home Technology Product
  • Best Indoor Product
  • Best Kitchen & Bath Product
  • Best Outdoor Product
  • Best Window & Door Product
  • Most Innovative Building Material
  • Most Innovative Construction Tool

Why Should You Apply for a Best of IBS Award?

Becoming a Best of IBS Award winner helps you gain more exposure AND draw more attention to your product beyond your booth. Best of IBS Award winners receive recognition at the show and continue to promote your product or service for up to a year after the show ends.

Some of the promotional opportunities Best of IBS Award winners enjoy are placement on/in:

  • home page before, during and after the show
  • Exhibitor Directory
  • IBS mobile app
  • IBS social media platforms before, during and after the show
  • An ad in the Official IBS Show Guide
  • A national press release to industry media before IBS
  • Winners also receive a digital marketing tool kit and engraved trophy to share their win with the industry after the show ends.

How to Apply

Have an incredible product? Think it has what it takes to be named Best of IBS?

The application to apply for a Best of IBS Award is now OPEN! Apply by Nov 17 for your chance to win. You must be an IBS Exhibitor to apply for a Best of IBS Award. If you haven’t booked your booth yet, apply to exhibit now.

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