BlueStar Dual Fuel Range Wins Best Kitchen & Bath Product

BlueStar Dual Fuel Range wins Best Kitchen & Bath Product

The winner of the 2023 Best Kitchen & Bath Product Best of IBS™ Award is…the BlueStar Dual Fuel Range. 

BlueStar’s first-ever dual fuel range features a fresh take on their 8-point star shaped burners.  

“This product is a very high-end range which is great for the high-end custom home.” – Alma Jacobs, Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group 

The BlueStar Dual Fuel Range makes a statement with its 48-inch size and color options. The ability to regulate and control the heat of the stove burners and oven is one of the best features and the two separate ovens are features that make the range a standout.  

Product innovation is something I think that set this product apart from the others.  The burner fresh air feed is very interesting technology.” – Adam Weaver, Ashton Woods 

With so much customization and easy, clean range top design, it is a drool worthy, thoughtful and beautiful range. 

Congratulations to BlueStar for winning the Best Kitchen & Bath Product. Check out the rest of the Best of IBS Award Winners.

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