Introducing The New American Home® 2024

Construction has begun on the 2024 TNAH

The New American Home® 2024 (TNAH) is the Official Show Home of the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS). TNAH 2024 is taking shape in the foothills of the Ascaya subdivision of Henderson, NV. Designed by the award-winning and experienced design-build firm Sun West Custom Homes, this one-story home boasts 7,722 square feet of living space for the perfect combination of effortless luxury and natural beauty.

Many innovative products went into completing the first phase of building the home.

The Vision for TNAH 2024

The vision was to create a beautiful home that’s in harmony with the mountainside. They wanted a unique design that captures the stunning 280-degree view and make every room appropriately sized for a large one-story footprint.

“One of the really cool things that I created in The New American Home 2024 is a cool angular monolith. It’s like a single piece that’s got a cool angle to it. The idea was to set yourself up, so you’ll feel this angle feeling throughout the whole house. It’s a continuity kind of thing where everywhere in the house you see this similar angle happening,” shares Dan Coletti, Owner of Sun West Custom Homes. “I think it’s really fun, kind of playful, it’s a little unique, so I think everyone’s gonna really enjoy seeing it.”

The New American Home is a symbol of energy efficiency. It is designed to exceed requirements for certification to the Emerald level of the National Green Building Standard™ and is targeting the EPA ENERGY STAR® certification, DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home certification and net-zero status.

See What’s Already Happening

TPO roof membrane on 2024 TNAH

Can you believe we already applied the TPO roof membrane in March? Sun West Custom Homes got off to a great start building this innovative masterpiece while enhancing energy efficiency.

TamlynWrap on TNAH 2024

The TamlynWrap was installed. This wrap combines a high-performance WRB with a unique drainage pattern to help remove 100x more water from a well-constructed wall than standard wraps.

Western Window Systems for TNAH 2024

TNAH team installed Western Window Systems into the Official Show Home of IBS 2024. By integrating recycled aluminum on these glass windows, this high-performance product requires less energy to produce and meets Energy Star qualification standards.

Insulated flex duct installed in TNAH 2024

The insulated flex duct installed in the home saves the builder money and has an insulation factor between R-4.2 & R.8.0. This helps the home become one of the most energy-efficient Builders’ Show homes on record!  

Spray foam from Holcim in TNAH 2024

The spray foam from Holcim that was applied above the ceiling of TNAH 2024 helps to create an airtight seal that’s 24x less permeable to air infiltration.It’s just one of the energyefficient products in this show home! 

Skylights from VELUX North American in TNAH 2024

Sun West Custom Homes created these roof penetrations to prepare for the incredible skylights from VELUX North America. This product will allow natural sunlight to enter the home and can make a major impact on energy savings. 

About The New American Home®

The New American Home is the official show home of the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) and showcases the industry’s best practices, innovative concepts and state-of-the-art products so industry professionals to glean new ideas that they can apply to their housing projects.

The custom-built home will be completed and open for touring during the Builders’ Show, February 27 – 29, 2024, in Las Vegas. Visit to learn more. Read more about TNAH Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4.


  1. Donna Loftin says:


  2. I’m really excited about The New American Home® 2024 (TNAH) and its role as the Official Show Home of the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS). The location in the Ascaya subdivision of Henderson, NV sounds absolutely stunning, and I can’t wait to see the final result!

    Sun West Custom Homes’ involvement in designing and building TNAH 2024 definitely adds a level of expertise and excellence to the project. With their award-winning track record, I have no doubt that this home will be a masterpiece.

    It’s great to hear that many innovative products have been incorporated into the construction of TNAH. I’m always fascinated by new technologies and materials that push the boundaries of what’s possible. I’m sure these innovations will contribute to the home’s overall appeal and functionality.

    With its spacious 7,722 square feet of living space, TNAH 2024 promises to provide effortless luxury and natural beauty. I’m already envisioning the incredible design and attention to detail that will make this home truly exceptional.

    I’m eagerly anticipating updates on the progress of TNAH 2024. It’s inspiring to see the construction industry continually pushing the envelope and creating homes that redefine what’s possible. Kudos to Sun West Custom Homes and everyone involved in bringing this remarkable project to life!

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