5 Expert Jobsite Safety Tips

Eye goggles, tape measure, gloves, headphones

June is National Safety Month. During the month, the goal is to increase public awareness of safety measures they can take to reduce injuries and deaths at home, work and play.  

We reached out to our jobsite safety experts to find out how to create and operate safe construction jobsites. They shared their top 5 jobsite safety tips with us.  

#1 Have a Safety Plan & Follow It   

The best way to create a safe jobsite is prevention. Create a safety plan that lays out the procedures for identifying hazardous jobsite situations, how to communicate these hazards, and the safe practices workers must follow to control and respond to hazardous situations and emergencies.  

#2 Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)  

PPE is an essential jobsite uniform to perform onsite work. Make sure workers know how to properly wear and use safety glasses, hard hats, hearing protection, gloves, steel toe and slip resistant boots, fall protection equipment, and high-visibility safety apparel.   

 #3 Keep Work Areas Clean  

A messy work area or jobsite can lead to serious accidents and injuries to workers and visitors. All work areas, walkways and stairs should always be clear and clean. Frequently pick up trash, debris, materials and tools to prevent tripping and fire hazards. 

 #4 Prevent Falls  

Falls are the #1 cause of construction-worker accidents. Prevent falls from ladders, scaffolding, roofs, through holes and walking to and from work areas by:   

  1. Planning ahead to do the job safely before starting every job
  2. Providing the right fall protection to equipment when working at heights
  3. Training workers to use the equipment properly and how to work safely

#5 Provide Safety Training  

Training and education are essential to keep workers safe on the job. Training can be formal or informal. It should focus on the construction hazards for the work being performed and safe work practices that can prevent accidents. 

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