TNAH/TNAR Virtual Tours

TNAH/TNAR Virtual Tours

Step inside both IBS Show Homes with a totally immersive 3D virtual tour!

The 2019 New American Home and The 2019 New American Remodel® are state-of-the-art modern day marvels that showcase new products, original design concepts and innovative construction methods. These exhibition homes were distinguished by incorporating a wide variety of contemporary-modern designs, characterized by minimal decoration, abundant glass and flat rooflines. Both homes demonstrated the latest in sustainable building techniques by showcasing enhancements in energy efficiency & current trends in technology.

The 3D Virtual Tour, developed and produced by ScenaVR, allows the viewer to step inside these exhibition homes for an in-depth presentation of the products, the responsible suppliers and a link to their website for more information about the company. As you guide yourself through the homes, you will simply click on the blue dots (Mattertags) to identify the products and supplier names. Since both homes were scanned with incredible detail, you have the ability to maneuver through every room as though you were at the house now!

You can also check out the Education On Demand sessions about the product innovations in The New American Home® and The New American Remodel®.

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