10 Ways Attending a Trade Show is Good for Your Business

The NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) is the #1 event for the residential construction industry. We can tell you all day long that if you’re in this industry that you should attend the show. Period.

Instead, we want to share the top 10 ways that being a trade show attendee is beneficial for your business. Then, you can decide for yourself if attending IBS is the right move for you.

#1 Connect with Others Like You

Tradeshows are the epicenter of the industry. They are filled with attendees that are just like you. It is your #1 opportunity to meet, network and connect with other professionals in your industry.

You may meet your next business partner. You may learn from a fellow professional. You may meet a professional that provides you with a solution you need for your business based on their experience.

#2 Gain Industry Insights

Trade shows focus on every aspect of your industry and market and bring an entire industry together. There is no better place to gain an overview of the industry and to take a deep dive into the industry with exhibitors you talk to, product demos you experience, education sessions you sit in on and everyone you meet during the show.

#3 Build Business Relationships

77% of executive decision makers say they found at least one new supplier at the last show they attended. A trade show is the perfect breeding ground for establishing and building business relationships.

These are your peeps. They are either peers, suppliers or business owners that share your industry, have similar goals and offer solutions for your business or you offer solutions for theirs.

#4 Face-to-Face Interactions

Face-to-face interactions are priceless. If you must put a number to it, the cost of a face-to-face meeting with a prospect at a trade show is estimated at $142 while the cost of a face-to-face meeting at a prospect’s office is estimated at $259.

Trade shows give you the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with prospects to convert them to customers. Trade shows also give you face time with exhibitors, current customers, industry experts and so much more. Conducting business face-to-face is completely different than over the phone, online or via email – making it priceless.

#5 Check Out Your Competition

A trade show is the perfect window to see what your competition is doing. You see exhibitors, fellow attendees and speakers at a trade show that do what you do. This gives you the opportunity to find out what is working for them, what isn’t and how their business is doing so you can leverage this information to make educated business decisions about your own product, service or business.

#6 Make Sales

According to Exhibition Survey Inc, over 82% of trade show attendees have buying authority. That’s a powerful number that reveals that most of the attendees you meet and talk to during your time at a trade show can decide and write the check to buy your product or service right then and there.

This fast-tracks your sales through the networking you do and the connections you make at a trade show.

#7 Solidify Vendor Relationships

Just like any relationship, you must put the work in to solidify vendor relationships. A trade show is a great place to reconnect with existing vendors because guess what? Some of your vendors are at industry trade shows, too. You can talk with them at their booth on the show floor. They may even invite you to a special event they’re hosting or set up a 1:1 meeting with you while you’re at the show.

#8 Discover New & Innovative Products

The #1 reason for attending trade shows is to see new products with 92% of trade show attendees saying they attend trade shows because they are looking for new products. Additionally, the products you discover at a trade show are specific to your industry. Many products launch at trade shows so you’re sure to see the latest and most cutting-edge products in the industry.

#9 See Live Demos

Not only can you discover new products, but you can see them in action at a trade show. You may be able to participate in interactive demonstrations, where you can touch, feel, see and use the product at the show. Vendors may demonstrate the product at their booth, or the show may have special areas on the show floor where there are live demonstrations happening for a variety of products.

#10 Stay on Top of the Industry

You can follow new trends and innovations at a trade show, so you can stay on top of the industry. Trends are revealed and products are launched at trade shows so it’s the best place to be the first to discover upcoming trends, new products/services and everything that is happening or about to happen in the industry.

NAHB International Builders’ Show is the #1 show for the residential construction industry. It’s happening in Vegas, Jan 31 – Feb 2. IBS: The Essential Industry Experience is the event for top-notch education, the debut of the newest and most innovative products and services for the industry, networking, live demos, social events and so much more.

Register to attend #IBS2023.

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