5 Reasons to Build Flex Rooms

Bed with pink sheets and green blanket

Compliments of the pandemic and the amount of time everyone spent at home, the popularity of flex spaces moved from commercial warehouse spaces to residential houses. Offering flex rooms in homes continues to be attractive to buyers even now. 

Here are 5 reasons to offer flex rooms as part of your builds. 

Reason #1 Personalization 

One of the best things about flex rooms is homeowners can use the rooms however they want or need. It’s a highly personalized space that families can do more with according to their style, taste, and need — whether it’s a playroom, office or home gym. 

Reason #2 Increases Space & Functionality 

Flex rooms increase the amount of living space in homes. Additionally, flex spaces create a more functional home so homeowners can use their homes for more than eating and sleeping. Because of flex spaces, homes now have home gyms, virtual classrooms, playrooms and more.   

Reason #3 Eliminates Downsizing & Upsizing  

Instead of downsizing or upsizing, flex spaces allow homeowners to turn adult children’s bedrooms into new spaces or accommodate in-laws/grandparents to move in instead of upsizing to a larger home.  

Reason #4 Eases Stress  

Flex rooms help ease the stress of having several people or multiple generations living in the same house at the same time. Multi-generational families can use a flex room as a bedroom, living room or lounge for privacy. 

Reason #5 Increases Resale Value 

Flex rooms can increase property values when the homeowner is ready to sell. Flex spaces offer buyers options that may not be available in other homes.   

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