Days & Days of Builders’ Show Giveaways

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With so much going on during the Builders’ Show, why not add show giveaways? Daily giveaways are happening at multiple locations during the show. The only way to win is to enter. Find out what the giveaways are and where to enter.

The Spot @IBS, Booth S435 

This trendy booth space is a great place to relax before making more laps around the show floor. It’s also the place for some amazing giveaways. 

Grab your IBS Passport, complete the entry form for the drawing of the day and bring it to The Spot the day of the drawing. Only handwritten entries are eligible. 

Here’s what we’re giving away at The Spot: 

  • Tuesday, February 8: $5 
  • Wednesday, February 9: $7.5K 
  • Thursday, February 10: $10K 

The Oasis, Parking Lot W1, Booth P6 

The name alone automatically sends you to a relaxing place. The IBS Oasis is part of the outdoor exhibits’ area at the Builders’ Show. 

Here’s what you can enter to win at The Oasis: 

  • Tuesday, February 8: $2K  
  • Wednesday, February 9: $2K 
  • Thursday, February 10: $2K 

IBS Store, West Hall C Lobby 

You can buy books, apparel and gifts at the IBS Store Powered by NAHB BuilderBooks. You can also enter to win daily giveaways before or after you shop. 

NAHB HQ, West Hall C Lobby, Level 2 

NAHB HQ is a meeting spot for members to relax, network, learn and more. NAHB members can stop by for a chance to win. 

  • Tuesday, February 8: $500 Gift Card  
  • Wednesday, February 9: $500 Gift Card 
  • Thursday, February 10: $500 Gift Card 

The daily drawing happens at 4:30 PM each day.

FIRST STEP: Register to attend the show.

SECOND STEP: Enter to win. As is the case with all giveaways, there’s rules you must follow. Check those out at

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