3 Popular Education Sessions Making a Comeback to the Builders’ Show

Education presenters at IBS

Super Sessions are your favorite sessions super-sized into educational experiences happening at the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in Vegas, Feb 27 – 29. The three Super Sessions that debuted at IBS 2023 were so popular that we supercharged the experience even more by adding two new Super Sessions to the IBS 2024 lineup. Discover some of the most popular annual industry trends and forecast presentations, but supercharged for you.

The Outlook: Housing Trends, Forecasts & Insights for 2024

This “state of the industry” session kicks off with the Housing & Economic Outlook featuring three nationally recognized economists offering their expert analysis on the nation’s economy, housing prices and home building, and challenges that may be on the horizon.

After a broad look at the year ahead, our Home Trends & Buyer Preferences panel will take a deep dive into NAHB’s most up-to-date research on the features buyers want and builders are most likely to include in their homes in 2024. Mix in some video highlights, interviews and a little fun, and you’ll walk away with the essential industry insights you need to set your business on the right path for 2024!


  • Learn about the economic forecast, the future of monetary policy and interest rate trends from leading economists, their potential impact on builders and buyers, and the prospects for a housing market and economic recovery.
  • Explore NAHB and other industry benchmark indexes measuring the strengths/weaknesses of the housing sector and gain an understanding for what single family, multifamily and remodeling can expect in 2024.
  • Through market examples and illustrations, examine the characteristics and trends of homes being built in the U.S. and what builders are likely to include in their projects in 2024.
  • Understand the impact issues like rising interest rates have had on buyer wants and needs, particularly the compromises they will accept to afford a home.

The Blueprint: The Battle Royale & 60 in 60 Inspire Your Designs for 2024

Combining perennial IBS favorites, 60 Design Ideas in 60 Minutes and the Design Battle Royale, we’ve created a super-sized morning of design inspiration that will leave you with a roadmap for incorporating the best features with the most impact into your homes and communities. We’ll open with a “battle” for design supremacy as two architects take on three wholistic designs for three unique buyer segments and try to convince you that their approach is best for curb appeal, outdoor living, memory points and more. With live voting after each round, you’ll get to decide who walks away as the 2024 Design Battle Royale Champ!

After all the debate is done, it’s time to buckle your seat belts for 60 in 60. In this rapid-fire presentation, six industry-leading architects, interior designers, developers and builders share 10 of their most cutting-edge ideas and strategies to update your elevations, renew floor plans, animate streetscapes, enhance amenities, develop dynamic neighborhoods and more. The 2024 Blueprint is a must-see—you won’t find more design per square foot anywhere else at the Builders’ Show!

  • Understand two distinct approaches to five common design challenges and how to evaluate which approach is best depending on your situation.
  • Learn how regional differences, price points and attainability affect design solutions and different components of the home.
  • Identify the leading architecture and design trends buyers want in 2024 and how to apply them at any scale and price point to achieve good design.
  • Discover new design approaches to old problems, like open floor plans and flex spaces, and how to incorporate health and wellness in design, a trend that continues to be on the rise.

The Rally: An Immersive Journey into the Future of New Home Sales

Get ready for the 2024 Sales Rally—a perfect blend of education, inspiration, technique and just plain fun—as four dynamic presenters lead you on a compelling and eye-opening journey into the future of new home sales. With an abundance of information at their fingertips, prospects are more overwhelmed and uncertain than ever.

This session will delve into the shifting dynamics of consumer buying patterns and offer strategies for how sales leaders and frontline professionals can proactively adapt to stay ahead of that change. High-energy, interactive and brimming with cutting-edge techniques, the 2024 Rally will help you prepare for the market, and more importantly, the buyer of the future and ensure sales success in an ever-changing landscape.


  • Understand how the 2024 buyer deals with market fears and how to lessen those fears for a shorter buying cycle.
  • Identify the top attributes of the 2024 sales professional and where to find the right salespeople for the next market.
  • Learn how to adapt to rapidly changing sociological factors that are disrupting the way people make decisions.
  • Determine how to spend the right amount of time in leadership, coaching and management. (Hint: more of the former and less of the latter!)

NEW 2024 The Experience: Creating a VIP Total Customer Experience

Unlock the power of customer experience as the ultimate differentiator in an ever-changing and ultra-competitive home-building landscape. In this brand-new Super Session, we delve into the comprehensive world of a builder’s Total Customer Experience (TCX), comprising Sales & Marketing CX, Design CX, Construction CX, and Warranty CX, each offering its distinct challenges.

Through first-hand experiences and insightful customer videos illustrating best “in the field” practices, our seasoned group of industry leaders explores lead gen, setting sales expectations, build quality, inspection management, scopes of work, delays, contractor management, home delivery, ticketing, repairs and more. But it’s not just about talk; we’ll engage your senses and immerse you in what a thoughtful home buying process feels like, from the initial impression to lasting interactions, unveiling ways to surprise, delight and personalize throughout. Your VIP experience awaits, so step into the future of TCX.


  • Understand the model of Total Customer Experience and how each department within an organization can work toward creating a VIP customer journey.
  • Learn best practices for marketing, sales, design, construction and warranty CX, including sales leads, model access, setting expectations, build quality, inspections, delays, home delivery, service ticketing, repair expectations and more.
  • Discover new ways to engineer touchpoints from first contact through the warranty and see how to create lasting, high-impact memories to generate raving fans.

NEW 2024 The Launch: Can’t-Miss New Products & Technologies at IBS 2024

This high-octane offers an exclusive look at 20 pioneering companies, products, services and technologies launching at IBS 2024. Covering everything from cutting-edge building materials to revolutionary software and tools, these innovators will have 4-minutes each to unveil their latest offerings and how they plan to improve the way you build and do business. To top it all off, you’ll get to play a pivotal role by casting your vote for the biggest game-changers. Don’t miss your chance for a sneak-peek at the latest products and technologies the industry has to offer!


  • Hear about the most innovative companies and products in the residential construction and development industry.
  • Discover what new products and technologies are being developed and introduced and how they can help your business in the coming years.
  • Gain insights into the various building materials, products, services and technologies being featured at IBS 2024.

IBS 2024 is happening in Vegas, Feb 27 – 29. To attend Super Sessions, you must register for an Expo+Education Pass. Plan to take advantage of the best industry education and exhibits at IBS. Learn more and register today!

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