HydAway Hydraulic Walls Wins Best Outdoor Product

HydAway Hydraulic Walls Wins Best Outdoor Product at IBS 2023

Decorating your outdoor space while retaining privacy is about to get a whole lot better.

HydAway Hydraulic Walls offer a unique, attractive and affordable way to customize outdoor settings.

So unique, attractive and affordable, these HydAway Hydraulic Walls won the 2023 Best Outdoor Product Best of IBS™ Award.

“As a builder and a consumer this product gives opportunities for indoor outdoor living without the need to design the space for stacked wall panels and other mechanics. The product also gives instant openness with the added canopy to gather under. Rain or shine consumers will enjoy this product. As a design-build builder I liked the process to incorporate it into my plans. The interior view of this product gives the homeowner a clean cased finish without mechanics showing.” – Kim Chambers, Charter Construction, Inc.

The design of the HydAway Hydraulic Walls has the cleanest profile of any door or window on the market and conceal the hydraulic systems when closed. Another special HydAway feature is the ‘Cushion Close’ cylinder design.

“This is a true innovation in outdoor living!” – Patrick O’Toole, SOLA Group Inc.

Congratulations to HydAway Hydraulic Walls for winning the Best Outdoor Product. Check out the rest of the Best of IBS Award Winners.


  1. Mongold Thomas says:

    Price 10×10 same specs/colors as on video.
    Chambersburg Pa

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