Construction Going Strong on the Show’s Two Official Homes

Tan rancher with green lawn and palm trees.
Rendering of The New American Remodel 2022.

The construction of the two official show homes of the 2022 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) are in the process of being completed in the Orlando area.

Here’s what they’re all about.

The 2022 New American Home® (TNAH)

The 2022 TNAH is being built in Laureate Park at Lake Nona — a trend-setting community of traditional architecture designed to spark engagement and foster fellowship. Nestled amidst colorful townhomes, cottages and modern multi-story properties, the model home is a paragon of technology and design, but it’s also a true life-sized template featuring concepts, techniques and styles that can be replicated in any new residential building project.

Designed by BSB Design and built by Envy Homes with Tavistock Development Company as the developer, the three-story property with 8,059 sq ft (4,646 sq. ft. of living space) is expected to be completed in October.  

Our experience this year has driven home the value of collaboration,” said Steve Earl, MGMR President of Envy Homes LLC. “The nature of The New American Home build and our somewhat compressed post-COVID timeline has required our trades to work together, side-by-side instead of separate and siloed. It’s different for many of them, but now they’re not only doing their jobs well but thinking about the next trade’s needs as well.”

It showcases three bedrooms, four and one-half baths, an extra-large two-car garage, exercise area, indoor-outdoor living features, pool courtyard, a wood fireplace, rooftop terrace, numerous ultra-energy-efficiency elements, net-zero features and a luxurious outdoor kitchen.

“We’re working with a smaller lot than many would expect for TNAH, so we challenged ourselves to consider design approaches that could work for any home size or price point,” said Serena Hahn, CEO of Envy Homes LLC.

“Together with our architect and interior design team we made lighting a focal point to create drama, mood and setting. With neutral palettes and a focus on architectural design, the space can speak for itself rather than relying solely on high-end finishes or furnishings for that lux feel.”

“That’s where we like to take risks with our build concepts. A high-end home feel does not have to rely solely on a high-end budget.”

It’s also a shining example of energy efficiency and sustainability. The home has been designed and built to achieve National Green Building Standard “Emerald” certification, ENERGY STAR Certification, Indoor airPLUS Certification, DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home Program Certification and net-zero status.

It’s also extremely convenient to IBS attendees, 25 minutes from the show’s venue, the Orange County Convention Center.

The 2022 New American Remodel® (TNAR)

On the banks of Lake Sue, the 2022 TNAR is an innovative remodel on a classic mid-century modern design that takes the timelessness of a classic and infuses it with innovation and the cutting-edge technological touches.

The brainchild of architect Phil Kean and remodeler Eric Gray, the home’s transformation will optimize existing features while nearly doubling the amount of living space.

It boasts five bedrooms, four and one-half baths, a showroom three-car garage, exercise room, indoor-outdoor living features, detached guest house, numerous ultra-energy-efficiency elements, net-zero features, and a luxurious summer kitchen.

This remodeled home will be another exemplar of energy efficiency and sustainability, as it will  achieve National Green Building Standard “Emerald” certification, ENERGY STAR Certification, Indoor airPLUS Certification, DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home Program Certification and net-zero status.

Remember, attendees can tour the homes in-person during the Builders’ Show, February 8-10, 2022.


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