At IBSx, Discover Innovation Beyond Tech

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Automatic cat and dog feeders. Home security in 1080p. Thermostats we control with our voices. Bulbs we can and change into millions of colors with just the touch of a button. You can even watch your food cook on your phone.

These days, it’s easy to get hung up on smart home tech. It’s functionality almost seems like magic.

But while attending the IBSx Virtual Experience, it’s vital to remember that our exhibitors showcase innovation not just within this hot, trendy sector but in all facets and niches, in literally every nook and cranny of the industry.

And, as any residential construction professional knows, there’s not a square inch of a project that can’t be loved and valued by your customers.

“Sometimes I hear people say ‘there’s nothing new to learn.’ And that’s simply not true. There’s lots of innovation that’s not quote unquote, smart technology,” said Jeanne Conger, a real estate broker and industry consultant based out of Texas.

“For example, at last year’s show, I found a product that can save a couple of days of cycle time. Depending on what size of a home builder you are — let’s say you have five homes a day. And you could save one day in cycle time, you’ve added the revenue of five closings to your business model without being able to make the calendar go from 365 days to 366.”

“You’ve increased your efficiency one whole day without adding an employee without adding costs without changing your business model just because you found a product that was more efficient than the products you were using.”

Beyond perusing the virtual booths this year at IBSx, attendees can take a peek at the Best of IBSx™ Awards, where companies and products are highlighted in an array of categories. “Best Home Technology Product” is one, but it’s complemented by a host of others, like “Best Window and Door Product”, “Most Innovative Building Material”, and more.

Any one of the nominees can hold a solution that can make your business more efficient, more valuable, or simply just better.

“I was a product judge last year, and that was a phenomenal experience because in speaking to the people who submitted products, you get to find out there’s an actual story behind that product. Why it was invented,” said Conger. “One was a metal floor. The inventor was talking about how his daughter kept getting her wheelchair stuck, so he created a floor where it wouldn’t.”

“You wouldn’t think there’s innovation in stairs. But last year, there was innovation in stairs. Floating stairs. It’s amazing. Because someone thought, hey, why do you need a crew of ten? Why can’t somebody who wants to remodel their home do their own cool floating stairs? So, they invented it.”

The product innovations from exhibiting companies are just the beginning at IBSx, there’s also loads of innovative ideas, software and processes to consume in Tech Bytes* or engaging demos in the new Home Tech Zone. In the Home Tech Zone, tech products will be showcased in addition to tech-prep tips, home strategies and best practices.

Register today  for IBSx and don’t miss this exciting opportunity, February 9-12, to experience innovation in every aspect of the home and be sure to keep an eye out for advancements in the smallest of places. Rates start FREE for NAHB members and $50 for non-members.

*Tech Bytes require the purchase of an All Access Pass. NAHB members $249, non-members $349.

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