Best of IBS™ 2020: Best in Show

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Enginuity Micro-Combined Heat and Power System by Enginuity Power Systems

The Enginuity Micro-Combined Heat and Power System (Micro-CHP) earned the top award, Best in Show, in the Best of IBS Awards 2020.  It also was the winner of two product categories: Best Home Technology Product and Best Energy Efficient Product.

Enginuity Power Systems is bringing Private Home Power Generation into the mainstream with an innovative “plug and play” combined heat and power system. “The system [is a] water heater that also provides most of the electricity and heating needs for your home or business – virtually eliminating your electric bill,” notes Enginuity’s website.

By simply unplugging a conventional gas-fired water heater and inserting Enginuity’s 6.2 kW residential power system in its place, consumers will get all the heat and power they need from the most reliable source available – clean and plentiful natural gas.

According to the EPA, Enginuity Power Systems has developed a system that cuts carbon emissions for the average home by 50%, and installing a single Enginuity Private Generation System has the effect of taking an entire vehicle off the road. In addition, people who have Enginuity Private Generation systems won’t be subject to power outages and can even give power back to the grid when it’s needed. Most compelling, Enginuity can fundamentally restructure energy distribution in the United States.

Here’s what a few of the Best of IBS judges had to say:

“[This is a] groundbreaking new product which uses the services to an existing natural gas or propane water heater to produce electricity while having an overall efficiency for water heating above 90. The ROI is just 4.5 years before any rebates.”

“Of all the entrants in this category, this product seems to be the biggest game-changer. I spoke at some length with the founders about their company history and future plans, and this seems like one of those clever ideas which could make a dent in climate change.”

Congratulations to Enginuity Micro-CHP for winning Best in Show, Best Energy Efficient Product and Best Home Technology Product! Learn more about all of the Best of IBS Awards 2020 Winners at

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