Ins & Outs of the IBS Ambassador Program


Plans are being finalized for the 2019 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS), so NAHB is seeking members who are passionate about IBS to join the IBS Ambassador team.

What is the IBS Ambassador Program? This program gives NAHB members the opportunity to share their enthusiasm for the Builders’ Show by working with the IBS marketing team to help other members in their local associations discover the benefits of attending the show annually.

Who can become an IBS Ambassador? Ambassadors are people who acts as promoters of the Builders’ Show at the local level in order to help others get the most out of attending the show. They are NAHB members in good standing who are veteran show attendees and have mastered the art of navigating the show.

As an IBS Ambassador, you will be encouraged to share your past show experiences and talk to fellow members about how the show has benefitted your business. Often, these casual conversations help other members begin to understand the amazing opportunities that the show offers for networking and growing a business.

What’s the goal of the Ambassador Program? The Ambassador Program expands member awareness of the show and is structured to support the work that your Executive Officer does for the show year-round. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to strengthen the link between the local and national levels so that more members understand the benefits of the show and decide to attend.

What is available for Ambassadors to use to promote the show? The IBS marketing team at NAHB provides Ambassadors with tools they can use to promote the show. Ambassadors have access to IBS photography, talking points, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the show. Additionally, Ambassadors can connect and share ideas with other Ambassadors, as well as provide valuable local HBA feedback to the IBS marketing team.

How does someone become an Ambassador? Your Executive Officer can nominate you or you can submit the interest form. After that, the IBS marketing team will contact your EO on your behalf to confirm your eligibility.


Here’s why members love being Ambassadors:

“I enjoy keeping abreast of what’s new at IBS and helping our members stay informed.”
Curt Cartwright, Black Hills HBA

“I like helping spread the word about how valuable IBS is to everyone who attends.”
Keith Butz, HBA of Greater Des Moines

“I like having the ability to add input [to the show] at the ground level and having access to valuable information to share with our local HBA.”
Tom Sergio, HBA of Upper Cumberlands

Learn more and become an IBS Ambassador today!

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