Celebrate National Remodeling Month! Sponsored by Westlake Royal Building Products

Building professionals attend an IBS Education Session

May is remodeling month! (Sponsored by Westlake Royal Building Products.) Find out how we’re celebrating remodelers at the Builders’ Show, through NAHB membership and the NAHB Remodelers Council, publications and more.

Attend the Builders’ Show

Attend the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS). IBS is the premier and biggest industry show for remodelers to gather, connect, discover and learn. IBS even has a special space for remodeling professionals – Remodeling Central.

Remodeling Central is the place at the Builders’ Show where remodelers connect with other industry professionals, explore trends and innovative ideas, refine skills and gain business information about the remodeling niche.

Watch live demonstrations, discover new techniques and see innovative products in action in the Craft Techniques Zone and Construction Performance Zone on the Builders’ Show floor.

NAHB remodeler members save on registration rates to attend the show. Learn more at BuildersShow.com.

Books Just for Remodeling Professionals

BuilderBooks offers NAHB publications specifically for remodelers.

Warranties for Builders and Remodelers

The third edition of Warranties for Builders and Remodelers is your indispensable resource for navigating the complex landscape of warranties. Building on the success of its predecessors, this edition, crafted by the legal experts of the National Association of Home Builders, delves even deeper into the critical aspects of warranties. Meticulously researched and updated, it equips builders and remodelers with the latest insights to safeguard their work and reputation.

Remodelers’ Cost of Doing Business Study, 2023 Edition

Don’t look any further than this NAHB publication for your chance to see which U.S. remodelers are operating in the black and how your residential remodeling business compares. The study contains a wealth of data to provide single-family remodelers with current information to:

  • Benchmark their employees’ level of compensation and benefits
  • Boost profitability
  • Increase efficiency
  • Set realistic budget targets
  • Improve your business practices

What Home Buyers Really Want

Unlock the secrets to creating homes that resonate with the pulse of contemporary living with the updated edition.

  • Fresh Insights Post-Pandemic: Navigate the post-pandemic housing market with insights that reflect the priorities and desires of home buyers.
  • The Evolution of Home Preferences: Explore the changing landscape of home preferences, from architectural features to technological advancements. Find indispensable data on features that home buyers prioritize.
  • Demographic Dynamics: Delve into the nuances of buyer preferences based on demographic factors such as age, race/ethnicity, geographic location, and income or price point so you can tailor your offerings to meet the diverse needs of today’s home buyers.

NAHB remodeler members save on these and other publications at BuilderBooks.com.

NAHB Membership & the Remodelers Council

Celebrate your professional commitment to the industry in May. Give yourself the gift of an NAHB membership and the NAHB Remodelers Council, so you can experience exclusive benefits and resources, professional development, industry-specific education, networking opportunities, leadership grants, awards, recognition programs and information you need to strengthen and protect your remodeling business.

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