Game Changers Spotlight: From IBS to the NFL & Back Again: Building Dreams, Transforming Lives

From left to right, Ryan Jensen & Garrett Gilkey

Garrett Gilkey & Ryan Jensen are presenting an impactful Game Changers Session at the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in Vegas, Feb 29, 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM, From IBS to the NFL & Back Again: Building Dreams, Transforming Lives.

For Garrett Gilkey, while the NFL was his dream, homebuilding was his calling. The former NFL lineman turned design-build expert has family roots in the industry and attended IBS as a child with his father. In the years that followed, the game of football led him on an incredible journey from All-American at Chadron State to a 2013 draftee of the Cleveland Browns.

Along the way, he met, now business partner, Ryan Jensen, 10-year NFL veteran and Super Bowl-winning center for the Tampa Bay Bucs. In this fascinating Game Changer keynote, Gilkey and Jensen share their story of setbacks, successes and commitment to unwavering excellence which led to the creation and recent expansion of Gilk Design Build, their award-winning custom home-building company based in Tampa.

Game Changers Sessions are open to all attendees with Expo+Education Passes. Plan to join us for IBS 2024, Feb 27 – 29, in Las Vegas, where you can take advantage of top-notch and impactful IBS Education. Learn more and register at

About Garrett Gilkey

Garrett Gilkey was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2013 and ended his NFL career as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. While still an offensive lineman in the NFL, Gilkey completed his Master’s in Engineering and began his MBA. He also obtained his general contractor’s license while playing professionally.

After retiring from the NFL, Gilkey immediately opened HGC, a full-service design-build company focused on custom luxury residential and commercial builds. Within five years, Gilkey was managing a team of 30+ employees with millions in annual revenue and 270% growth. Gilkey is also a sought-after speaker, using his experiences to inspire and empower others.

Throughout his various professional ventures, Gilkey has remained committed to giving back and creating positive change. He consistently works with like-minded organizations to inspire change and transform lives. Today, Gilkey is a respected high-end architectural builder. What started as a local design-build company (HGC) is now a national conglomerate (Gilk Industries) and does business through multiple subsidiaries in a variety of industries.

About Ryan Jensen

Ryan Jensen was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2013. In 2021, Jensen signed a $42 million contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers making him the highest-paid center in the NFL. Four years later, Jensen signed another contract worth $39 million.

In early 2023, Jensen joined Gilk Industries as both an owner and partner. Jensen has a passion for construction management and is in the process of building a 20,000-square-foot estate on 600 acres in Colorado.

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