Women Building the Future: Celebrating Women in the Construction Industry

Professional builder at her worksite

While the residential construction industry has long been male dominated, more women are stepping onto job sites, managing projects and making their mark.

As we look toward a more inclusive and diverse future and in honor of Women in Construction Week, we are celebrating the contributions of remarkable women who are part of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the International Builders’ Show® (IBS) – women who are breaking down barriers and reshaping the landscape of the industry.

Women of NAHB

The NAHB is not just a representative body for the residential construction community; it’s a testament to the evolving face of the residential construction industry. Many women have taken up leadership positions within NAHB as members and staff, guiding policy, influencing decisions and ensuring that women’s contributions are recognized and celebrated.

They act as mentors, providing guidance and support to budding professionals. They advocate for greater inclusion and diversity in the industry.

The House That She Built Women

The House That She Built is more than a project; it’s a statement. A house entirely constructed by women illustrates the finesse, skill and dedication women bring to the industry. This initiative challenges stereotypes and inspires young women considering a career in construction.

The project proves that women are at the helm of construction sites. They are skilled residential construction professionals that are contributing to the industry. The House That She Built Project also led to The House That She Built book authored and illustrated by two women to inspire children to consider a career in the industry.

Professional Women in Building

The Professional Women in Building is an NAHB Council that serves as a nexus for women to connect, mentor and elevate one another. It has been instrumental in fostering the growth of women in residential construction. At the Builders’ Show, Professional Women in Building typically has events, awards and educational programming specifically for women.

Speakers at the International Builders’ Show

The latest trends, techniques and technologies in residential construction are at IBS every year. The women who take to the stage as IBS Education speakers are trailblazers making their mark on the industry. At IBS 2024, 40% of the speakers are women.

Their topics range from sustainable building practices to innovative design ideas, marketing strategies, tools and techniques and so much more. These women inspire the audience with their knowledge and tales of perseverance, resilience and success.

Products & Services Represented at IBS

The products and services that launch at IBS are at the heart of the Builders’ Show. A rising number of these companies and innovations have women at the helm. They are inspiring reminders that women thrive, lead and innovate in the residential construction.

Builders’ Show Attendees

Perhaps the most vital testament to the growing role of women in residential construction is the increasing number of female attendees at the Builders’ Show. They come from diverse backgrounds – architects, engineers, project managers, marketing and sales professionals and more.

Each woman has unique experiences and insights that enrich the event and foster an environment of learning and collaboration. Their presence sends a powerful message: the future of residential construction is inclusive.

As we step into Women in Construction Week, the spotlight is on the phenomenal women who’ve broken barriers, laid foundations and built our world. Today, we celebrate the invaluable contributions of women in the residential construction industry.


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    We celebrate the women in the industry who keep setting the pace

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