9 IBS Education Tracks & Topics for 2024

Building professionals attend education sessions at IBS

The 2024 NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) is shaping up to be more than just an event—it’s an educational powerhouse. Participants can delve into nine unique IBS Education tracks spanning the breadth and depth of the building industry. Each track is a treasure trove of information, promising insights, innovations and inspiration.

Let’s unwrap some of what each of these tracks offer:

#1 Architecture & Design

Crafting the future one design at a time. Expect sessions like:

  • 10 Common Floor Plan Design Mistakes & How to Fix Them
  • 20 Elevation Styles to Have on Your Radar for 2024
  • 2024 Kitchen Trends: Buzzworthy Design Ideas Buyers Want

#2 Building Techniques & Strategies

Building with intelligence and innovation. Expect sessions like:

  • A 4 Pillar Approach to Building (Profitable) Healthier Homes & Communities
  • A Hard-Dollar Approach to Design & Construct In-Demand, Entry-Level Homes
  • Emerging Trends & Forecasts for Building Materials

#3 Business Management

Leading from the front in a transforming industry. Expect sessions like:

  • 10 Practical Ways A.I. Can Help Home Builders
  • 9 Great Business Fundamentals for Growth
  • Best Practices for Increasing Team Productivity

#4 Custom Building & Remodeling

Giving spaces a new lease of life. Expect sessions like:

  • 19 Seconds or Less: How to Attract, Capture & Convert High-Quality Digital Leads
  • A Proven Model to Maximize Remodeling Profitability, Manageability & Company Value
  • A Simple Project Management Formula for Better Service, Cycle Times & Profitability

#5 Land Development & Community Design

  • Shaping communities for holistic living. Expect sessions like:
  • Concept to Lease-Up: A Blueprint for Making Built-for-Rent Work for Your Business
  • How to Win Big Leveraging Lifestyle
  • Lessons From the Future: Build for What’s Coming

#6 Multifamily

  • Building homes for the modern family. Expect topics like:
  • Developing attainable housing
  • Amenities
  • Interior and exterior design trends

#7 Project Management

Delivering projects with precision and efficacy. Expect sessions like:

A Superintendent’s Path to Project Excellence

Cultivating Exceptional Trade Partner Relationships

Estimating Job Costs: Strategies & Tools for Less Pain & More Profit

#8 Research & Trends

  • Staying ahead by understanding the currents of change. Expect sessions like:
  • Building Your Employer Brand: The Impact of Storytelling on Workforce Development
  • CliffsNotes for Creating Successful Communities: What Buyers Want You to Know (& Do)
  • Demographics, Friend or Foe: Do You Know Who You’re Building For?

#9 Sales & Marketing

  • Positioning, promoting and profiting in a competitive market. Expect sessions like:
  • 12 Strategies for Selling Against Concessions
  • 15 Secrets to Sales & Marketing Success in a Challenging Market
  • 4 Strategies to Sell Homes Without Dropping the Price

IBS 2024 promises a comprehensive learning experience for Expo+Education registered attendees. No matter your niche or role in the industry there’s a track and dozens of sessions tailored for you.

View more session titles and topics. Then, register to attend IBS 2024 and IBS Education Sessions.

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