7 Reasons to Exhibit at a Trade Show

NAHB HQ at the 2023 International Builders Show

While we are living in a digital world, industry trade shows are still alive and well in the world of company, product or service marketing. Nothing can ever replace the face-to-face interaction you get with customers, suppliers, manufacturers, peers and more during an industry trade show. This is just one of the many benefits a trade show offers.

Here are the top 7 benefits to exhibiting at an industry trade show like the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS).

“Exhibiting at IBS has made a huge difference in our business. It’s probably been the show that’s put us on the map from the perspective of winning awards and meeting people who make a difference to our bottom line.”

–Angela Meek, BILT, Best of IBS™ Award for Best Home Software

#1 It’s the #1 Industry Trade Show

Not all industry shows are created equal. While it may cost more to exhibit at a top industry show, it’s typically worth it. Not only do top shows attract the top exhibitors but they also attract the top attendees, your target audience and the groups of people you truly want to get in front of with your products and services.

For the residential construction industry, the Builders’ Show is the #1 industry show of the year.

#2 Floor Segmentation

Again, this does not happen at all shows, but the way the exhibit floor is set up can affect booth traffic. When the floor is segmented by industry category, you will have businesses around you that complement your business products or services. So, when an attendee comes to your area, they are going to find everything related to your niche of the industry.

We’ve segmented the Builders’ Show floor to make it more productive for both exhibitors and attendees.

#3 Make Face-to-Face Connections

You and your customers have a need for human contact and interactions. Trade shows fulfill this need. People want to meet and know the people they do business with. A trade show gives you the opportunity to meet new and existing customers face-to-face. This face-to-face interaction helps you to gain trust and credibility with both quality leads and people you’re already doing business with.

#4 Launchpad for New Products & Services

One of the primary reasons people attend a trade show is to discover new products and services, so there is no better place to launch a new product or service than at an industry trade show. An industry trade show is full of your target audience and partners that can help promote your offering to your target audience. It’s also the perfect venue for demonstrating how your product or service works in person.

The New Product Zone at the Builders’ Show offers exhibitors an additional and special area on the show floor to feature the launch of new products and services.

#5 Create Quality Leads

Trade shows help you gather high-quality leads. Attendees can be in the tens of thousands of your target audience. They are at the show looking for the products and services you offer. It can be a lot like fishing in a barrel if you have a system for collecting and following up with the quality leads from the show.

#6 Generate Sales

Decision-makers and buyers attend industry trade shows. In some cases, you may generate sales directly at your booth. In others, the trade show is the platform to meet and connect with these decision-makers so you can easily close the deal during your post-show follow-up.

#7 Stay Up to Date with Your Industry

Industry trade shows are where the action is in your industry. It’s the best place to discover what’s new in your industry, whether it’s trends, products, services or companies/competitors who have entered the market. The trade show is your chance to see any cutting-edge developments in your industry, the opportunities they create so you can create a plan to take advantage of these opportunities.

“The Builders’ Show is the one time we can talk to everyone from the industry from everywhere and make connections. There’s nowhere else you can do that but at the Builders’ Show. It provides that opportunity to meet new people and make those connections.”

–Dave Jones, Overture® Automated Indoor Air Quality System

IBS 2025 is happening in Las Vegas, Feb 25 – 27. Apply to exhibit now or reach out to Michael Currier to help create the best booth plan for your company.


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