The New American Remodel (TNAR) 2019 | Part 2

The 2019 New American Remodel

This year’s New American Remodel® is a 1950s home in downtown Las Vegas where the focus lies in taking advantage of nature and sustainability.

“Everybody think sustainability is all of the technology, all of these products … but that’s just one part of it,” explains Michael Gardner, principle for Studio G Architecture & Luxus Design Build. “We’re trying to bring that whole other part of sustainable living into the project.”

One challenge Luxus Design Build inherited when taking on this project was a massive hole in the backyard—a 60-foot-wide, 100-foot-long and 10-feet-deep hole. The original owner was planning a shooting range and a basement garage with a tennis court on top—which is why the hole was dug, but either he ran out of money or decided to forego those plans. Once the property was abandoned, the hole became a large dumping ground for over 20 years.

“A lot of people saw this as an added cost, but we saw it as an opportunity to do something different and unique for Vegas,” notes Gardner.

The first stage was to get the hole filled back in. Luxus was able to coordinate with another project in town where the dirt excavated from that project was hauled to this site. They where able to get almost enough dirt to fill the entire hole.

The hole will transform into an orchard—filled with citrus and nut trees, planter beds for grapes, herbs and more. Gardner notes, “We’ve talked about doing some composting bins … to create our own fertilizer to use on the property.” He concludes, “The whole concept is true sustainability.”

About The New American Remodel
The New American Remodel 2019 is a state-of-the-art modern-day marvel showcasing new products and systems that have recently been introduced to the housing market, and when completed, it will be approximately 5,200 square feet. Designed and constructed by Luxus Design Build, it illustrates how today’s industry products can be utilized and integrated into a remodeled home to exhibit more efficient methods than in the past. These advancements can be incorporated into any renovated home through systems integration to enhance long-term cost effectiveness and maximize performance. Visit to learn more.

Registered 2019 IBS and KBIS attendees can tour The New American Remodel daily during show hours via complimentary shuttle buses departing every 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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