Solstice Shingle by CertainTeed Wins Best Energy Efficient Product

Best of IBS Energy Efficient Product: Solstice Shingle by CertainTeed

Solstice Shingle by CertainTeed. It’s the 2024 winner of the Best of IBS™ Award for the Best Energy Efficient Product. Solstice Shingle was also named Best in Show.

“This low-profile solar shingle seamlessly integrates with traditional asphalt shingles while delivering very high photovoltaic electrical conversion. This product comes with a 25-year warranty. It is rated to be installed in any wind zone. And it also carries a Class 3 impact resistance rating. The judges felt that this solar shingle marks a significant advancement in aesthetics, durability and efficiency.”

CertainTeed’s Solstice Shingle is one of the most technologically advanced and reliable solar shingles on the market that combines high energy efficiency and durability without compromising aesthetics.

“CertainTeed’s Solstice Shingle is another mile marker on the road to mainstream solar. It’s a benefit to the market and the progress of the category as well as to the environment overall.” – Best of IBS Judge

Solstice Shingle seamlessly integrates into the roof, which gives homeowners a sleek, low-profile look while providing a clean energy solution.

“Has potential in a growing market for more inconspicuous solar panels.” – Best of IBS Judge

Congratulations to CertainTeed for winning the Best Energy Efficient Product for their Solstice Shingle.

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