Pella Installation System Wins Best Window & Door Product

Pella Installation System

A window installation system that revolutionizes how builders install windows faster and safer without sacrificing quality.

Pella Steady Set Interior Installation System is the first interior window installation system that provides builders with quality without compromise, up to a 72% reduction in exterior installation time and is 3.15x faster than standard fin installation systems.

Pella Steady Set Interior Installation System is the 2024 Best Window & Door Product Best of IBS™ Award winner.

“I just have to give this the highest rating because it will be so useful to so many contractors. Pella listened and observed what was happening in the field and reacted with a product invention that is really fantastic. It will save contractors labor and provide a safe way for contractors to accomplish multistory window installs. Great work.” – Best of IBS Judge

“I like this product because it is a time saver for the installer at no additional cost for this window system. With a reduction of needing someone on a ladder, which is a safety benefit, I can see why a builder would be interested in this new type of window.” – Best of IBS Judge

Congratulations to Pella Steady Set Interior Installation System for winning Best Window & Door Product.

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