Learn How to Leverage New Technology for a Leaner and More Profitable Operation


Technology has helped increase efficiency in both our lives and our businesses, but understanding which technologies to implement can often be overwhelming and time consuming. With so many mobile and web-based technologies on the market, builders want unbiased information, not a sales pitch, so that they can make informed decisions based on their needs and budget.

In order accomplish this, a Master Session was designed specifically to address these concerns and will be available at the 2015 Builders’ Show – A Builder’s Digital Toolkit: Leveraging New Technology for a Leaner and More Profitable Operation.

During this comprehensive session, you will receive a complete, yet concise overview of today’s web-based and mobile technologies. Smartphones, tablets and cloud-based computing will all be covered, plus you’ll learn what works best (and what doesn’t work well) so you can utilize today’s technologies to lower direct costs, reduce overhead, shorten cycle times and become more profitable. You’ll also learn 10 inexpensive and simple tips and tricks you can put into practice before leaving IBS that will yield immediate results. By the end of this three-hour session, you will have a prioritized action list to help your operations become more streamlined, efficient and profitable.

This Master Session will be held on Thursday, January 22 from 12:30-3:30pm. Seating is limited, but you can guarantee access and skip the long line by reserving your seat for just $25. A full registration or a one-day education registration for the day of the session is required. Reserve your seat today.

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