A Simple Act of Kindness

Announcing the 2014 IBS Hero


With over 75,000 attendees and thousands of service personnel, medical and other emergencies are an unfortunate but inevitable occurrence during tradeshows. Unbeknownst to many, a medical emergency took place at IBS during the NAHB Board of Directors’ Meeting. A gentleman at the back of the hall suffered an aggressive seizure, and Judy Dinelle, CGP, CAPS, immediately jumped into action, giving comfort and aid to a stranger. Judy Dinelle, a sales professional with 84 Lumber and a 2014 Regional Trustee of the Professional Women in Building, handled the situation with grace and compassion while awaiting the medical team.

Mark Pursell, NAHB’s Senior Vice President of the Exhibitions, Marketing & Sales Group, witnessed the incident and later congratulated Judy saying “In this instance, your willingness to offer aid really helped someone in need and certainly made a difference in a difficult situation.”

The gentleman who suffered the seizure fortunately made a full recovery, and in recognition of her incredibly selfless act of kindness, Judy Dinelle has been named the 2014 IBS Hero. Judy’s simple act of kindness should serve as a reminder to all of us to be mindful of one another.

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