There’s no doubt about it – times have been tough on the building industry these past few years. But if you want to hear a story of triumph over adversity – a story about the power of keeping a positive attitude – then join the NAHB’s Building Systems Councils (BSC) at IBS as we welcome motivational speaker and Iraq war vet J.R. Martinez on the IBS Live stage Thursday, February 9, from 10:15 – 11:00 a.m.   If you don’t know his story, J.R. was badly wounded in Iraq when the Humvee he was driving hit a landmine. He was burned over 40% of his body. But he was alive, and his determination and attitude to succeed have inspired millions around the world. Now, on the heels of his Dancing with the Stars victory and as a spokesperson for the BSC’s partner Operation Finally Home, J.R. is working tirelessly to ensure our nation’s veterans have adequate housing, including Marine Staff Sgt (ret.) Vincent Gizzarelli, whose systems-built home is currently under construction in North Carolina.  

Plus, you can meet J.R. personally on Wednesday, February 8 at the Operation Finally Home Booth (W32) adjacent to the BSC’s booth (W33). Don’t miss this chance to thank a true American hero.

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